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  1. Jan 2023
    1. Let's say you want to tell your audience that your character is angry. You could just have them say “I'm angry.” But how often does a person in real life ever plainly announce their anger that way? Have you ever been able to tell someone was angry without them telling you? What if instead of having our character say “I'm angry,” you write them entering their house and slamming the door behind them so hard that picture frames fall off the wall and shatter on the floor. Air hisses out of their mouths as they huff and puff through gritted teeth. That's usually better writing. That's what “show, don't tell” means. But what if I told you that Kare Kano breaks this golden rule of writing, and does so with incredible results?

      I agree with this assessment of Kare Kano -- it made great use of a "tell before show" approach in its first episode, which remains one of the great opening episodes of any anime series. However, notwithstanding my agreement with the author, my first thought was that I have come across people who tell rather than show, which inspired an article. Maybe the general writing rule needs some fine-tuning.

  2. Nov 2022
    1. Tug o’ War’s warning in Mario Party Superstars explicitly says “do not rotate [the stick] with the palm of your hand.” But 2000s kids remember that, in the cold, cruel world of Mario Party, where you don’t get participation trophies, you had to be willing to sacrifice a hand. Now that they’re adults, I expect them to pass this lesson along to the next generation.

      Article jokingly notes that it expects Mario Party veterans to pass on lesson about joystick rotation games to newer generation. I had not read this line before I did just that in my own article questioning the return of the games in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass version of Mario Party.

  3. Oct 2022
    1. Twitter is the preferred platform for our elites. Journalists and media pundits

      Case in point, October 21, 2022 headline from Bloomberg News: "Musk Gutting Twitter Would Be a Threat to Us All." This hysterical headline highlights Mr. MacIntyre's point, which I quoted here, about Twitter and elites. Moreover, the wording leads one to wonder whether Bloomberg News has contacts inside Twitter.