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  1. Mar 2017
    1. Yeah, I think that’s one of the struggles with this case. It has gotten an extraordinary amount of attention, which Jocelyn can share how that has really energized her father and energized her family. The amount of people that are fighting back. In some ways, that can have the kind of deterrent effect that we know that Donald Trump wants. We know that he wants, as we heard in some of the previous stories, to make people afraid of coming to the United States. To make this country unwelcoming of immigrants. And a case like this getting the kind of attention that it’s got can have that effect, unless we use this case to fight back. Unless we refuse to be desensitized to the kind of horror and trauma that we see in the video that Fatima shot. Unless we use that as an opportunity to mobilize and to fight back and to say, “Not in our backyards, not in our cities, not in our community, not in our country.” We’re going to not be complicit in this kind of brutal immigration enforcement actions from this administration or any administration.

      This is a super important point re: the Trump administration psychological manipulation of the media.