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  1. Apr 2017
  2. Mar 2017
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    1. 1492

      Frances and Catherine

    2. 1545 | 1547 | 1499

      Presentatons by Rajiv , Bea and (move to other room for last 20 mins for #1513)

    3. 1513

      Creative Commons: Hack the Credentials

    4. Discussion155

      Brexit panel by Jim Luke, me and others

    5. Panel1531

      panel by Frances et al

    6. 1460 | 1489 | 1520 | 1557

      VC session followed by Rob Farrow, Tanya Dorey-Elias and Lucy Compton-Reid (all relevant sessions on equity/inclusivity)

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    1. Kate Green

      interesting and just before closing keynote on day 1

    2. Muireann O'Keeffe

      interesting session; in the group just before closing keynote on day 1

    3. Critical Pedagogy and Open Data as Means for Educating to Social Cohesion as an answer to

      interesting one - right before closing keynote day 1

    4. Perspectives on Open Education in a World of Brexit & Trump

      after keynote break Lewis Suite

    5. 1531Staying open: sustaining critical open educational practice in a time of walls and bordersParticipation & social equalityWorkshops and panelsSheila MacNeill, Frances Bell, Vivien Rolfe, Catherine Cronin, Josie Fraser, Kate Bowle

      Day 1 right after lunch, room Seminar 2

    6. Breaking the physical presence barrier: Virtually Connecting as an approach to open, inclusive conferencesParticipation & social equalityPresentationsMaha Bali, Martin Weller, Sue Beckingham, Mia Zamora, Rebecca Hogue, Autumm Cain

      After lunch, seminar 6