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  1. Dec 2021
    1. to become co-creators of knowledge

      Many examples of open pedagogy can fit here! For example, see the Deltia Project a citizen science project from NC State University, shared at OERcamp 2021.

      See "https://sched.co/rYTm"

      We have connected a citizen science project (go.ncsu.edu/delftia) to several undergraduate and graduate courses through the use of public student projects shared openly. As part of courses assignments, students create and use OERs made by peers to learn about the microbes around us and technologies to improve sustainability and biotechnologies.

    2. how to create, access, make available, re-use, adapt, and redistribute OER

      As presented at OERcamp 2021:

      The three-year IMLS Grant, Reaching Out: Meeting the Needs of Rural School Librarians, focused on building capacity of stakeholders to create, access, use, adapt and redistribute OER. Grant participants learned the skills needed to utilize Open Educational Resources (OER), to integrate digital applications into professional practices, and to serve as instructional leaders in their schools.

      See presentation resources https://tie.link/oercamp