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  1. Dec 2018
    1. To see if the DHCP request was received by ISC DHCP, look in /var/log/syslog of the RackHD host.

      检查是否收到dhcp request<br> grep DHCP /var/log/syslog

    1. Discovery: RackHD can automatically discover a node that attempts to do PXE boot on the network that RackHD is monitoring.



      1. rackhd-server是自动发现节点的
      2. 该节点属于RackHD监控的网络上
      3. 该节点尝试通过PXE引导节点
    2. NodeId is the unique Identity of a node in RackHD. List all the compute type nodes being discovered on the rackhd-server SSH console by typing the following command. Append “?type=compute” as a query string.

      NodeId是RackHD中节点的唯一标识。通过键入以下命令,列出在rackhd-server SSH控制台上发现的所有计算类型节点。将“?type = compute”附加为查询字符串。

    1. The Docker Compose setup also enables port forwarding that allows your localhost to access the RackHD instance

      Docker Compose设置还启用端口转发,允许您的localhost访问RackHD实例

    2. The rackhd_admin network will be used to connect the services together and to access the RackHD APIs. The rackhd_southbound network will be used by RackHD to connect to the virtual nodes.
      • rackhd_admin网络将用于将服务连接在一起并访问RackHD API
      • RackHD将使用rackhd_southbound网络连接到虚拟节点