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  1. Jul 2018
    1. Oh Dear me. A reasonable conclusion but in your hands a lie.

      How is it a reasonable conclusion when you literally have not read it? The only reasonable conclusion is to hold no opinion at all except to get it released so you can read it and then form one.

    2. The first conclusions of the Australian Research Council were positive about homeopathy. As a result, known anti-homeopathy members of the Council squashed the report and then released a very negative report.

      How does the anonymous author of the "Official Homeopathy Resource" site know that the conclusions were positive if it was "squashed"? Surely the only way they could claim this is if they'd seen it. And if they had seen it they would be pushing it for all to see.

      Due to the fact that they are not publishing this supposed report the only reasonable conclusion is that they don't have it. And if they don't have it then the claim they make in it being positive for homeopathy is a fabrication made on nothing but wishful thinking.

      Or, in plainer terms, a lie.