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  1. Nov 2022
  2. Jan 2022
  3. Jul 2015
    1. Colectica® is the fastest way to design, document, and publish your statistical data and survey research using open data standards.

      We should consider adding this to the SciCrunch Registry, even though it is a commercial tool.

    1. The MyConnectome project is characterizing how the brain of one person changes over the course of an entire year. It is almost certainly the most ambitious study of a single living person’s brain ever attempted. The data will provide new insights into the dynamics of brain activity and their relationship to bodily metabolism and psychological function.

      Add to SciCrunch Registry

    1. RDoCdb is an informatics platform for the sharing of human subjects data related to Mental Health research.

      Add to SciCrunch Registry. We already have RDoC, but not the database. So the two should be related.

  4. Jun 2015
    1. Perma.cc helps scholars, journals and courts create permanent links to the online sources cited in their work.

      Interesting to add, perhaps, to SciCrunch Registry

    1. Transcriptomine is a tool for mining tissue-specific nuclear receptor transcriptomes based on annotated published genome wide transcriptional profiling experiments in the field of nuclear receptor signaling.

      This tool should be in the SciCrunch Registry

  5. May 2015

      Check to see if in SciCrunch

  6. Apr 2015
    1. Visualization and Modeling Laboratory research projects integrate machine learning, visualization, statistical analysis and advanced data-handling to understand large scale data sets. We focus on building tools that are usable not only in our lab, but for other researchers. Here is a brief overview of some of our projects:

      Should probably add these to the SciCrunch Registry

    1. MSeqDR: the Mitochondrial Disease Sequence Data Resource Consortium

      Add this to the SciCrunch Registry

  7. Mar 2015
    1. Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR)

      Add these to SciCrunch too