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  1. Nov 2015
    1. I also look tofocus my attention on how the physical layout of the different parts of theroom are socially editedand coproduced as spaces(Ma and Munter, 2015)for different kinds of participationin learning.

      I am also using Ma and Munter and was happy to see how you used it here.

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    1. Rethinking culture as dynamic, instrumental, and co-created also takes us beyond deficit and essentialist views about cultural communities and provides a way to under-stand what is cultural about learning across the activities of people’s lives, as well as how culture and the individual are both transformed through the process of learning (Gutiérrez & Arzubiaga, 2012)

      This makes me think of the culture of skateparks. From the skaters I spoke to, the habits and work ethic developed by skaters carried over to other areas of their life. They identified as skaters even if they weren't still avid skaters and they felt it was a sign of integrity. They were transformed through this learning.