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  1. May 2023
    1. the American swing style combined with the repetitive blues-like marabistyle gave birth tombaqanga–also referred to as ‘African jazz’in the 1940sand a style that Reddy incorporated into his clazz style from the 1980sonwards.
    2. According to Ballantine Isicathamiyais the most important vocal style to have emerged in South Africa this century.186Parallel to the importance of this pure vocal style, an instrumental style called marabi developed around the time of the First World Warandremained prominent throughout the second and third decades of the 20thcentury.187In Marabi Nights,one of the first books that explored the development and impact of South African jazz, Ballantine describes itas “[a] rhythmicallypropulsive dance music”

      that draws “its melodic inspiration eclectically from a wide variety of sources, while harmonically it rested –as did blues –upon an endlessly repeating chord”.188Furthermore, Ballantine argues that the correlation between marabi(South Africa) and blues (America) extended further in that both had influences on the societies practising the above genres

    3. What separates mbaqangafrom previous styles is the straight beat. Previously urban black music was rhythmically swung in general.

      seems to contradict other definition (straight beat)

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