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    1. Mr. White

      Might by Karkaroff: he is a delinquant for having sold many death eater to protect himself Probably Lucius according to Harry

    2. Mr. Friendly

      Probably Amycus Carrow (because Ami is french for Friend). Or one of the Lestrange given that they are already known for rape

    3. Mr. Sallow


    4. Mr. Counsel

      Probably Barty Crouch Jr.

    5. Mr. Grim

      The Grim is probably Sirius, a friend of James and Lily

    1. Spiders

      in canon, the spiders are effrayd of the Basilisk. Seeing spider is recall that the Basilisk is not anymore

    1. and also inside the Mirror, unfortunately for you. I have always been here, all along

      It probably means that, out of the 30 hours a day, 24 were spent in the mirrors waiting and only the extra 6 from time turner were available for anything extra

    1. noitilov detalo partxe tnere hoc ruoy tu becafruoy ton wo hsi

      «I show not your face but your coherent extrapolated volition» The mirror seems to be a metaphor for artificial general intelligence. In this case, it seems to indicate that the mirror reflects the reality so well that you see not only the result of what you really wish, but their consequence over the world, this would hopefully allow to prevent unwanted unexpected consequences

    1. hough how that could be true of a leafy plant was anyone's guess.

      Spoiler for the HPMOR FanFiction Significant Digit.

      The plant like magic. It grows with magic and capture it. This make it a perfect shield for electronic, ensuring that computer isolated by those plants can work in magical environment

    1. "Memory Charm - implies - Professor -" The Defense Professor began coughing again.

      In an earlier discussion, Quirrell mentionned the most obvious professor to be memory charmed would be Sinistra, since nobody would be surprised to see her do strange things. Harry objected that it should be Sprout, that nobody would ever suspect. This shows Harry was listened too

    1. It is the same grade... that I received in my own first year.

      The prophecy stated: "the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal"

      Note that the prophecy is HPMOR is the same as the one in Canon. The interpretation is not.

    1. I would be lying if I said I'd never considered killing you myself.

      As was shown by the "Good..." a few chapters ago

    1. Thrayen beyn Peverlas soona ahnd thrih heera toal thissoom Dath bey yewoonen.

      You'll find the translation on this chapter footnote

    1. "The Aurors have a rule," said Professor Quirrell. "Investigate the victim. Many would-be criminals imagine that if they are the apparent victims of a crime, they shall not be suspected. So many criminals imagine it, indeed, that every senior Auror has seen it a dozen times over."

      And, as he'll tell later, that was actually his plan. Once again, revealing his plans without nobody noticing it

    2. Severus gave a single chuckle. "Mr. Potter has his points, I must confess," the Potions Master said. "Though I would never say it while he was awake, and if you repeat the words I shall deny them, for the boy's ego is quite large enough already. Mr. Potter does have his points, Mad-Eye, but duelling is not among them."

      Too bad he actually hears them thrice

    1. "Good night, Miss Granger," he said, and turned his back to her, and walked away into Hogwarts.

      As with Rita Skeeter, it says "good bye/night" before killing

    1. This is the Hall of the Wizengamot; there are older places, but they are hidden. Legend holds that the walls of dark stone were conjured, created, willed into existence by Merlin, when he gathered the most powerful wizards left in the world and awed them into accepting him as their chief. And when (the legend continues) the Seers continued to foretell that not enough had yet been done to prevent the end of the world and its magic, then (the story goes) Merlin sacrificed his life, and his wizardry, and his time, to lay in force the Interdict of Merlin. It was not an act without cost, for a place like this one could not be raised again by any power still known to wizardkind. Nor yet destroyed, for those walls of dark stone would pass unharmed, and perhaps unwarmed, through the heart of a nuclear explosion. It is a pity that nobody knows how to make them anymore.

      With high probability, this entire line of history, Atlantis, Merlin, the risks that should be stopped, seems to be a metaphor, for the author main goal, ensuring that AI is correctly aligned

    1. "You are making highly questionable assumptions," the Defense Professor said with an edged voice. "What makes you think I did not steal his body outright using incredibly Dark magic?"

      Nice of Quirrell to tell the truth

    2. "Ah!" Harry said suddenly. "I get it now. The first False Memory Charm was cast on Hermione after Professor Snape yelled at her, and showed, say, Draco and Professor Snape plotting to kill her. Then last night that False Memory was removed by Obliviation, leaving behind the memories of her obsessing about Draco for no apparent reason, at the same time she and Draco were given false memories of the duel."

      Good guess. It was done when Hermione encountered the dark cloak trying to "help" her, when she forgot to go to Army preparation

    3. because he had learned of a person with a motive to harm Mr. Malfoy.

      Not actually spoiler. He told Harry that given Lucius warning, Dumbledore would harm or worse Draco disguising it as an Harry action so that Lucius would take vengeance on Harry and ignore Dumbledore

    4. Harry's mind flashed back to another day of confusion and in a moment of desperate inspiration he finally realized what the Weasley twins had done to Rita Skeeter, and his voice rose in a scream, "HERMIONE YOU DIDN'T DO IT YOU'VE BEEN FALSE-MEMORY-CHARMED!"

      It is actually possible that it is the Rita Skeeter incident that inspired Voldemort into copying the tactic here

    1. (fleeting disorientation) - and then a rush of shock and fear hit her like a Stunning Hex over her whole body, she found that without any thought or any conscious decision her wand had leaped into her hand and was already pointed at...

      Yet another memory charm

    2. "One hundred and eighty-seven," she said. "I tried it once and that's how many it came out to." Her hand was almost slipping on her wand, there was a sense of fatigue in her fingers like she'd been holding the wand for hours instead of minutes -

      Because she was memory charmed many time and have been raising her wands for actual hours.

    3. the answers of the riddle

      Tom Riddle

    4. "No," the young girl said quite steadily, "I don't think I should be asking that, actually."

      Here, Hermione is waser than Harry, as the same question should have been asked before rescuing Blake

    5. I would have died of it afterward, if not for Fawkes.

      That is the Phœnix test. He thought he would die, and still went to fight, earning him his phœnix

    1. "It's strange," Snape said quietly. "I have had two mentors, over the course of my days. Both were extraordinarily perceptive, and neither one ever told me the things I wasn't seeing. It's clear enough why the first said nothing, but the second..." Snape's face tightened. "I suppose I would have to be naive, to ask why he stayed silent."

      there is quite a lot here. First mentor being Voldemort, of course he didn't help Snape. Second is Dumbledore. It will be seen later that he used Snape, as agent for the prophecy, in his plan against Slytherin, and never to help him with his grief to ensure Snape don't change. Snape free again would be dangerous, and now he understands what Dumbledore knew all along and why he acted as he did

    1. But you could not accept that, Harry, could not let Miss Granger learn her own lessons; and so you sent the Defense Professor to watch over them invisibly, and pierce Astorga's shields when Daphne Greengrass struck at him -"

      Dumbledore is right in supposing a professor was responsible here. However, he is wrong in that it was a disilusioned Snape

    2. Susan's face was white as chalk, and she whispered, "I'm sorry, Mad-Eye..."

      If it is not clear (it was not for me at first read, or at second) Susan is actually Nymphadora Tonk, a Metamorphmagus, taking her role in case of danger to protect her. She is a 7th year student who trained as Auror, with Mad Eye as a mentor

    1. Albus produced, as though from nowhere, a tin which flipped open to reveal small yellow lumps, she'd never been able to figure out where he kept it and she'd never been able to detect the magic involved. "Lemon drop?"

      That's muggle magic trick. The very famous "cup and ball". Seems like real undetectable magic to untrained eyes :p

      Spoiler only to let you think about the meaning first

    1. I thought, once, that I knew such a man, but I was mistaken.

      Not sure it's a spoiler, actually. But Grinderwald was concinced and conving that he did things for the right causes

    1. It wasn't that the Headmaster had popped up out of nowhere and was staring at them with a stern expression

      Mind reading

    1. Harry turned back then, and saw a coldness on the old wizard's face to match the shift in his voice, Dumbledore's blue eyes grown hard as steel behind the glasses, it didn't match the person but it matched the formal black robes.

      He is thinking about his brother's death

  3. May 2021
    1. The logic had presented itself with a strange diamondlike clarity. Harry couldn't have said if it had come to him during Fawkes's singing, or maybe even before.

      Harry had the souvenirs of Voldemort, who already knew the prophecy. So this part of the story make sudden sens intuitively, and once he got the intuition, he was able to get as much details back logically as possible

    2. something of a riddle

      Something of a Tom Riddle


      He can NOT allows Hermione to figure out the truth about why the wand is here. That's why he reveal the cause before she has time to understand and tell

    2. it knows you're here! 

      "you" meaning "Tom Riddle" here

    1. "That doesn't even sound like an interesting fraud," Harry said, his voice calmer now that there was nothing there to make him hope, or make him angry for having hopes dashed. "Someone built a stone archway, made a little black rippling surface between it that Vanished anything it touched, and enchanted it to whisper to people and hypnotize them."

      Here, Harry makes a huge mistake. Mixing the way Dumbledore states things and the best argument. He is not even trying to analyze himself and see what really occurs, but only how Dumbledore was wrong. I believe there was a word of god about it somewhere, a link would be appreciated

    2. Leliel

      Seems to be an Evangelion reference, but not yet any theory why it is here.

      Spoiler because the fact that we don't understand this reference spoils the fact that it is not relevant

    1. The grey eyes glittered at him. "Is that your pose, then..." said the senior Malfoy

      He believs HJPEV to be Voldemort. Telling him that he accepts to play along the lies he is a child without believing it

    2. "Gosh," Harry said half a minute later, "you get a seer smashed on six slugs of Scotch and she spills all sorts of secret stuff. I mean, who'd have thought that Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew were secretly the same person?"

      And that's true. The enjailed black being Pettigrew metamorphosized

    1. I think you will change your mind in time, after every trust you place has failed you, and you have become cynical.

      And this is a promise. He'll ensure HJPEV will believe people and society betray him

    1. Sun would burn down to a cold dead cinder

      While it is not directly related, it's one of the first appearance of the notion that Harry will play with star, even if it's probably to take their energy

    2. see how Miss Granger is doing

      Word of god in We Want More podcast: this is one of the sign that McGonagall is Roberta's aunt, and so of Hermione's family. Hence a personal interest in her

    1. and so on

      Nothing was tempered ever, apart from her memory. That ensure that everything else don't even have to be touched in the first place

    1. crushed remains of a beautiful blue beetle.

      Rita Skeeter, as an animagus

    2. she'll flee the country the instant she realizes she's been fooled.

      This ensure that Harry don't questing that she disappeared

    3. How

      Dumbledore is the only one powerful enough to do this kind of thing. Actually, it just suffices to give Rita the souvenir she saw al of this, and he is a mind reader. It will also be told later that Dumbledore regularly read the twins mind. So if Dumbledore heard about Harry's plan, it would be by the twin.

    4. he got a paper cut

      Quirrell confirmed he would not hurt anyone without meaning it. He just hurted Harry. Simply, Harry didn't notice Quirell wanted to hurt him

    1. I find that I cannot deny myself the pleasure of simply crushing you.

      Literally crushing the animagus beetle.

    2. "Intermittent one fixed itself again. Other one's same as ever."

      This relate, at least, to "Tom Riddle" seeing up to thrice on the map. Time turner and horxcruxes make a strange impact on the map if you don't understand why somebody is here plenty of time

    1. After what he'd done?

      Draco believe that Dumbledore killed his mother

    2. Harry would have needed to try Transfiguring the whole wall, which would have taken hours or maybe days of continuous effort, if he could have done it at all, and if the wall wasn't contiguous with the rest of the whole castle...

      Tchekov Gun for Azkaban escape

    3. Was Dumbledore's forbidden corridor meant to lure people so stupid that they didn't notice the security was worse than what Draco Malfoy could put on it?

      No. It is to be at an unknown level of recursion in the scale of "guessing what the other person guess I'll guess that ..."

    4. strongest magically and academically unless there's a single cause

      In "We want more"'s epilogue, Yudkowsky revealed another cause, at meta level. Hermione's literary genra is "Marie Sue". Except that the trope perversion is that HJPEV is eclipsing here

    5. s lots of little places in the recipe where you can have a piece of paper that says 'magic' or 'not magic'

      A word of God explain that Harry was wrong here. The paper do not actually say "magic" but "muggle". Everybody is magic by default and only a gene remove the magic. The data gathered fit also with this option that Harry did not even considered. However, this as not found any way to be relevant to the story

  4. Apr 2021
    1. Dumbledore was now Harry's least favorite person in the entire world.

      And that's very probably the reason why It was cast at this instant

    2. Something strange passed across his face.

      He is thinking about, understanding, and quoting a prophecy. he thought he would be the mentor mentionned and understood that I were not to be

    1. Dumbledore started laughing. Full-throated, warm, humorous laughter, as if Harry had just performed a comic dance in front of him.

      Dumbledore thought he was speaking to Voldemort. He realized it's a good Voldemort!

    1. ou are not to attempt the forbidden door on the third-floor corridor

      Reverse reverse psychology. So destabilizing it's working

    2. You'd get sick for weeks and maybe die

      That's how Lily improved her sister's beauty, as mentioned in the first chapters. That's what eventually ensured Harry to have nice parents

    3. and that is not at all a good sign.

      He wants Comed-Tea, which means he'll be surprised

    4. But I advise you with the greatest possible stringency to keep it close about your person at all times.

      And that's definitively a prophecy that Dumbledore execute without knowing why.

    5. making cryptic statements which can only be understood in hindsight

      Probably the fact that he has access to all prophecies, which are themselves those cryptic statements

    6. Dumbledore started laughing. Laughing a lot harder than Harry would expect, almost howling.

      Dumbledore already knows Harry as inherited from Voldemort's personality. He is discovering a good Voldemort suddenly

    7. You start to see the pattern

      HPMOR has been described as a story where each character believe to be in a different story genra. Harry is clearly in a SF story, even if he never state it as explicitly. Dumbledore here and later, will make it clear he believes he is in a fantasy story and act as such. And they all are right

    8. What do I get if I can make it happen on the last day of the school year

      Foreshadowing. But also making fun of cannon where that's always the case

    9. But then I'd have lost

      Foreshadowing of Quirrell's next lesson

    10. The Remembrall was glowing bright red in his hand, blazing like a miniature sun that cast shadows on the ground in broad daylight.

      That's just all of Voldemort's lost memory

    1. That idea was to jam his wand through his enemy's eye socket

      Clearly a Tchekov Gun for Troll fight

    2. Hermione walked back towards the Ravenclaw cluster. Her face looked peaceful and Harry, for some odd reason, wanted to start clapping

      In the end, Hermione will have be said to have resisted Voldemort's cunning by strongly sticking to her principles, even at a cost. This is the first show of it

    3. You couldn't get any further away from the teacher if you tried.

      That's what actually occurs. Intuition moves Harry as far as possible even without noticing

  5. Feb 2021
    1. Head of House Hufflepuff would be the last person anyone would suspect, which ought to put her near the top of Harry's list

      That's a thought he'll have multiple time. Saying it to Quirell, convincing Quirell to use her as his pawn

    2. What I did was wrong

      This is one of the first hint that HJPEV was NOT supposed to be cool. Contrary to what many people seems to think, Harry is not a model, and a reader liking the story does not mean they find Harry to be an example to follow

    3. And I won't say anything more

      Because that's literally what Harry asked/will ask her

  6. Jan 2021
    1. unless you want to try doing his job

      That is exactly what will occur, the solution to the position's curse. Each year, student will teach new students.

    2. How on Earth

      Standard explanation seems to be that:

      • Ron told the twins
      • Dumbledore regularly read the twin's mind
    3. feel the urge to drink another Comed-Tea.

      Indeed, this is the power of Corned-Tea, giving urge to be drank if something surprising will occur. Not that Harry realizes it yet.

    1. It was like a hard punch to Harry's entire self

      This is the first of a series of cases showing to Harry he is NOT cool. Also and most important, showing to the reader that they are not expected to find Harry cool, but to find that he can change

    1. like she might mysteriously disappear the moment you stopped looking at her, and never be seen again or even remembered.

      As in original, she is mentionned before Harry, to never reappear again. https://harrypotter.fandom.com/fr/wiki/Sally-Anne_Perks

    1. expecting

      This is the first clue that he has got some Voldemort's memory in him

    2. Beneath the moonlight glints a tiny fragment of silver, a fraction of a line... (black robes, falling) ...blood spills out in litres, and someone screams a word.

      This is the solution to Voldemort's fight enigma

    3. the world would end if she were nice to her sister, or a centaur told her not to

      This is literally true. Harry is prophecized to risk to destroy the word thanks to science, and helping Petunia allow her to be with Prof. Verres instead of Dursley

    1. the sounds coming from the rest of the train platform had turned into more of a blurred white noise at around the same time Draco had reached inside his robes

      To be more explicit, Draco has a tool that isolate their sound and the sound around them, ensuring privacy

    1. looked and smelled like ordinary chocolate

      Because it is chocolate

    2. Sometimes you just don't seem eleven years old or even all that human.

      Because he is NOT supposed to be. He has Voldemort thought patterns. This should make clears that it is not a realistic 11 yo, as it used to be the case in a lot of golden age SF.

    3. There was no answer, and when Harry turned around, Professor McGonagall was gone.

      This was probably hidden Dumbledore, while he still had invisibility cloak

    4. I had a pet rock once. It died

      Albus Dumbledore have kill it, not knowing why a prophecy asked it. The goal was this exact moment, where Harry would choose not to get worried about a living pet

    5. "One of my classmates gets bitten by a horrible monster, and as I scrabble frantically in my mokeskin pouch for something that could help her, she looks at me sadly and with her last breath says, 'Why weren't you prepared?' And then she dies, and I know as her eyes close that she won't ever forgive me -

      Almost a premonition. With the twist that the dying state it's not his fault