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  1. May 2021
    1. The star of Peaky Blinders on his late colleague, how he convinced the producers to cast him rather than Jason Statham as Tommy Shelby – and returning to the monster-movie genre in A Quiet Place Part II

      This is called the standfirst. It comes after the headline but before the article begins properly. Unlike the article, this will be written in third person (no use of "I" - and the reporter or brand is often named here). The standfirst 'sells' the interview in a bit more depth than the headline, often detailing who the person is ("The star of Peaky Blinders") and why they're newsworthy (if they're not a celebrity, e.g. "as Britain leaves the EU Ryab Gilbey talks to a union leader"). It's common to list 3 things that the interview covers - as it does here.