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  1. Feb 2017
    1. To further clarify the homeopathic dosages of Belladonna in Baby Teething Tablets, a 10-pound child would have to accidentally ingest, all at the same time, more than a dozen bottles of 135 Baby Teething Tablets before experiencing even dry mouth from the product.

      This is an unreferenced claim, but it assumes that the quantity of Belladonna alkaloids are as stated on the label.

      In their laboratory analysis of 474 tablets of this product, the FDA detected the Scopolamine alkaloid in 174 of them (36.7%). The quantity in 45 of these 174 was 'Below Limit of Quantification', but the others (n=129) had quantities from 0.1 μg to 53.4 μg, a variation of 534 to 1.