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  1. Jun 2021
  2. Apr 2021
    1. It is, however, priced at a measly two dollars, less on sale or in a bundle, so only the whiniest of whiners should find reason to complain here. Suffice it to say, self-professed haters of short games and "walking simulators" should abandon this Store page at once, and spend that spare couple of bucks on yet another "skin" for that first-person multiplayer frag-fest you've already wasted three thousand hours of your life on. (Whoops, is my cynicism showing? Sorry about that. I've got nearly two thousand hours up on Left 4 Dead 2 myself, so I'm hardly one to judge. That said, I would never spend money on "skinning" a character I don't even get to see, haha.)
  3. Mar 2021
  4. Feb 2021
  5. Dec 2020
    1. Months and a lot of play-testing later and we are excited to present The Big Lockdown, a tongue-in-cheek card game inspired by people’s experiences during the global pandemic.
  6. Nov 2020
    1. I agree to the terms and conditions of the software, and hereby sign away my life just to check my freaking messages.
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