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  1. Aug 2022
    1. Twine was created by a web developer named Chris Klimas in 2009. While in graduate school at the University of Baltimore’s Interaction Design and Information Architecture program, Klimas began writing what he calls “hypertext fiction”—playing with interactivity and narrative outside a game. In order to make life easier for himself, he invented a set of tools that turned source code into interactive HTML. He showed them around to some friends, but no one seemed particularly interested, mostly because they were heavy on programming language and hard to comprehend.
    1. queers in love at the end of the world is a hypertext game built on the Twine platform in which the player experiences fleeting intimacy in a ten-second narrative. In the upper left of the browser window, a timer counting down the seconds prompts the reader to move quickly, advancing the narrative by clicking highlighted action words with little time to deliberate or savor the moments chosen before "Everything is wiped away.
    1. dys4ia and a lot of the games loosely grouped with it were all made on Twine, a programming language for making hypertext games that was created in 2009 by Chris Klimas and intended for writers looking to experiment with literature. Skeptics argue that these creations are too simplistic and linear to be considered “games.”
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    1. If so, this could be flagged in the game’s introduction.

      As a small update to this bit of critique, Jeremiah McCall has since updated this Twine to clearly reflect its status as a Creative Commons product