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  1. May 2023
    1. Proposal for internet wall . By Pradeep kumar Xplorer ex sun .com engineer currently victim of cybercrime using dhyanayoga.info california resident unable to return there and his mother murdered. If you like this proposal or design please email pradeepan88@hotmail.com and request some financial aid to expand the design and have the project rolling. I propose the internet wall . Wall is old unix command line utility where a user can message all users logged in with some wall message. Like the system administrator in the evening giving half an hour more time to finish work and log off, or informing of some meeting to discuss some projects.The internet wall is where you see the internet as a giant computer. Once you are online you are one user of the internet which can have several million to billion users online at the same time. The internet wall is a suite of applications cross platform cross domain that would be in your desktop or smart fone screen that you can invoke and wall everyone online or some subset of those who are online. I propose a website internetwall .com or or any other domain extensions


      This draft is a rogue submission with author impersonation, isn't it ? 🤔