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  1. May 2023
    1. Licentiate

      中文翻譯:取得執照, meaning: "a person who has a license granted especially by a university to practice a profession."

    2. curate

      中文翻譯:策畫, meaning: "it means to carefully select, organize, and present a collection of items or information." Synonym: Select, Arrange, Organize.

    3. chivalry

      中文翻譯:騎士精神, meaning: "a code of conduct with medieval knighthood and the ideals of medieval knights." Synonym: Knightliness, Gallantry, Nobility.

    4. aptly

      中文翻譯:恰當地, meaning: "in a way that is fitting or appropriate in conditions." Synonym: accordingly, duly, judiciously.

    5. harangue

      中文翻譯:長篇大論, meaning: "a lengthy and forceful speech or verbal attack." Synonym: Tirade, Diatribe, Rant.