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  1. Oct 2015
    1. Maya’s story is a reminder that gun violence doesn’t only affect direct victims and perpetrators. Bystanders, loved ones, and friends who witness shootings–even when no one gets physically hurt–can carry that experience with them, and can benefit from programs designed to help young people feel, and actually be, safe in their homes and communities

      Using a gun against someone else doesn't only affect the person it is used against. It can hurt many people around that person. People who loved the person can go into depression, and even commit suicide. Children can be affected deeply, becoming paranoid and going to gun violence themselves. I feel that people who have guns should be responsible, and if people can't do that, maybe it's better not to have guns at all.

    2. Being exposed to gun violence can have a deep impact on kids, including aggression, insomnia, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

      Many people want to be able to carry guns around, but they don't realized how having a gun, and needing to use it can affect a child. If everyone was responsible enough for one, than it wouldn't be so bad. Unfortunately, there are gangs,psychopaths, sociopaths, and mentally ill people that will use guns to kill others. These experiences can hurt children a lot. If you impact a child like this, they can grow up with difficulty, and might end up the same way as the shooter they witnessed.

    3. “I stopped playing outside like I used to,” she says. “I started paying attention to the noises outside my house and wherever I went. I listened for any angry voices or people yelling at each other, because arguments can escalate quickly into violence.

      Gun violence is affecting the way people live their lives. People are more cautious, which isn't always bad, but they are also frightened. Living your life being scared is not a good way to live it. The fact that people are expecting to hear a shot is very scary.

    4. . The most recent mass shooting at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon (leaving 10 people dead and another seven injured) is sadly not unusual in this country: according to a crowd-sourced website called the Mass Shooting Tracker, there is a mass shooting (defined as four or more people shot in one incident) nearly every day.

      Gun violence is a serious threat in the community. So many people are hurt by crazy people with guns nearly everyday.

    1. Over a span of only seven years from 2006-2013, the population decreased by more than 50 percent.

      Because the government is not willing to spend money to protect these birds, the population has decreased by a lot.

  2. Sep 2015
    1. you can’t take things like that to schools

      It's a clock. It's like preventing students from bringing in cellphones, watches, or other electronic devices because it "could" be a bomb.

    2. Are there some inventions or experiments that should be off-limits for students to create and bring to school for science projects?

      It's quite silly that this question is being asked because a boy invented a clock. If it was an actual bomb or another dangerous thing, it would be more understandable, but creating a clock is not something that should be off-limits. He did not present it as a dangerous item, it was the people who misunderstood him (and possibly because of his race).

    3. he was ultimately suspended from school for three days

      Although Ahmed never mentioned anything about the clock being something else, he was still suspended. He was just trying to show something interesting that he did, and instead of encouraging and praising him for inventing something himself, they called the police and got him arrested. Then, he was suspended, even though he was not at fault.

    4. Before the end of the school day, Ahmed had his clock confiscated, was placed under arrest and was accused of being in possession of a “hoax bomb.”

      Why did teachers assume that the clock was a bomb when he was simply bringing a clock to school? If he was a different ethnicity, would he still have had been arrested?