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  1. Oct 2015
    1. The idea of working in series or in distinct purposeful directions can actually be the opposite of condemning oneself to a life of sameness or repetition. The process is not about repetition at all, but rather about being able to explore, investigate, examine or address particular ideas, themes, issues, compositions, concepts or topics in progressively deeper and more meaningful ways, and from a richer variety of perspectives than is possible by making just one or two.

      This reminds me of poetry guidelines. While yes, they constrict they also allow us to consider more options. They allow us to work within a set boundary and when we fulfill our conditions we usually create something fantastic. When we work within boundaries and fill these walls to the brink we show that we have the ability to work within constraints and use them to our advantage.

    2. and buying nothing

      This is arguably the author's most important point. What our author explains is that this is geared towards the professional artist, not the simple layman artist. Our narrator explains that the average art buyer wants something to appeal to them easily. In a way, he expresses the cynical world of artselling. If you want to make money sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do.

    3. Now the easiest way to do that is to work in series-- to create unified, cohesive, coherent, related bodies of work

      Bamberger explains that by creating a series of artworks we can better understand a single one, thanks to association. This makes me question, what does he think of great paintings like the Mona Lisa which seem to have no predecessor nor follower?

  2. Sep 2015
    1. Parents and students had quickly rallied behind Schiller.

      How many people does it take to detain a teacher? Was he taken off simply because one person found issue? Doesn't the PTA also have a say in this?

    2. A staff member at the downtown Cortines School of Visual & Performing Arts had raised concerns about one of them.

      What are the qualifications of the teacher? Can anyone report any teacher?

    3. two months

      Why was he suspended for so long? Shouldn't something like this be resolved quite quickly?