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  1. Oct 2015
    1. traveled the world to exhibit his quilts in fine art and folk art museums

      By traveling all over the world, Venom is exhibiting his artwork to inspire people. Also, he does not only travel around the world to show the people his skills, but to get motivated from the designs of different cultures.

    2. developing folklore and personal symbolism through his quilts

      Venom is using his quilts to create stories and symbols. This shows how a piece of fabric can develop meaning. Quilts are usually plain and an old piece of fabric, but by adding pictures and symbols, it gives off a new meaning for creating quilts.

    3. Using traditional reuse and appliqué methods, Venom takes his inspiration from the historical and social aspect of quilting,

      The particular style of art that is being discussed in this article is punk rock. Venom supports punk rockers by creating quilts, which is a padding enclosed between layers of fabric. Quilts are typically applied in a decorative design. Venom was motivated from the ancient way of creating quilts.

    4. tackle this compelling question in order to figure out how one goes about developing a personal style that is recognizable and unique.

      Based on this article, the KQED Art School have asked many public artists to state a style of music that is recognizable and unique. Also, it is implied that the public artists are asked on how they developed their personal style. The question that was asked to these public artists was how they were able to develop their personal style.

  2. Sep 2015
    1. I think my son got mistreated.

      Based on this article, Ahmed's parents say that it was all a misconception, where their son got arrested. They all believe that it was a misconception because Ahmed kept insisting that it was not a bomb, but a clock. However, Ahmed was still handcuffed and brought to the police station.