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  1. Oct 2015
    1. The idea of working in series or in distinct purposeful directions can actually be the opposite of condemning oneself to a life of sameness or repetition. The process is not about repetition at all, but rather about being able to explore, investigate, examine or address particular ideas, themes, issues, compositions, concepts or topics

      Do the artists need to submit all of the pieces that they were working on? or just the one that they think best defines themselves?

    2. The problem with the "I make whatever I feel like making whenever I feel like making it" approach to art is that when everything is different and there's no common thread, it's difficult for us to get a grip on where you're going, what you stand for, what your art is about.

      I definitely agree with this idea, however doesn't it make more sense that when an artist is going through a certain thing and the only way to express themselves is through art and whenever they want to make something, they should

    3. If you make art for the rest of us and you're interested in having us appreciate and understand what you're up to, you better make it in ways that give us a fighting chance to figure it out.

      Shouldn't art be also something that you make for yourself, and that you want to express your feelings for others, instead of making it for others?

    4. Many artists aren't fully aware of the advantages to creating multiple works of art around the same idea, theme, philosophy, concept, topic or subject matter.

      Does there always need to be a series of the same artworks? I don't think that making a series out of every work makes it unique but rather boring for viewers to have a series to decipher...

  2. Sep 2015
    1. The other project was designed to use air pressure for propulsion. A more powerful version was tried out by President Obama at a recent White House science fair.

      Isn't Obama trying out a highschool student's project a big deal?

    2. Schiller, 43, had volunteered to help students with entries for science contests. He assisted them with ideas related to chemistry and physics, even though he didn't teach those subjects.

      Was this a huge problem for the parents, that the teacher had no experience with these subjects, and was assisting students with projects involved with subjects out of his line of work?