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  1. Apr 2020
    1. The purpose of MVC isn’t to just keep all the database code in one place, but also to keep it away from frontend code


    1. when a “pass by value” is performed using an address as the value

      I like the emphasis on "pass by value" here -- it highlights that the function always takes some value as a parameter. the compiler know what to do if that value is an address

    2. passing an address “by value”

      an address by value is a reference

    3. If the word “share” doesn’t come out of your mouth, you don’t need to use a pointer

      key point

    4. The benefit of passing data “by value” is readability. The value you see in the function call is what is copied and received on the other side

      no hidden cost, eg., memory growth on the heap or pauses during garbage collection. but there is a cost in stack memory usage and "scoping" among multiple stack frames, CPU caching, etc.

    5. Functions execute within the scope of frame boundaries that provide an individual memory space for each respective function. Each frame allows a function to operate within their own context and also provides flow control. A function has direct access to the memory inside its frame, through the frame pointer, but access to memory outside its frame requires indirect access. For a function to access memory outside of its frame, that memory must be shared with the function.

      eg., shared via the "pointer" to an address in heap memory

    1. For example, if you increase your saving by $1, what would be the marginal benefit? It would be some small number–say, an additional 5 cents in interest you might gain, plus some psychological marginal benefit–say, something you value at 2 cents–in terms of additional feelings of security. The marginal benefit would thus be the sum of the 5 cents in interest plus the 2 cents in feelings of additional security, or $0.07 per additional dollar saved. If you plot a curve between the benefits and costs, the slope is .07. That’s the marginal benefit. The marginal cost is the inverse.

      wait, there's an experiment demonstrating this.... something about selling a dollar

    1. The dissatisfaction with binary size largely comes from developers building CLIs, only 30% of whom are satisfied with the size of Go's generated binaries

      tinygo ?

    2. In the chart below, we've condensed all of the categories with response rates below 3% into the "Other" category

      what's included in the "other" category?

    3. Another year-over-year trend suggests that automation is also a growing area for Go

      what sort of automation do people do with go?

    4. Development domains

      what can I ask about the "margins" here?

    1. One lesson from the outbreak that began in Wuhan is that we should pay more attention to how the Taiwan government deals with China

      great point

    2. Comment: Interesting that Shi Yinhong, Yan Xuetong, Wang Jisi and Zhu Feng are not among the signatories

      who are these individuals?

    1. tradition

      spelling: traditional

    2. Paul Balogh, interests me in particular. It’s an end-to-end demonstration of an application, complete with a CLI and Docker contained API server.

      I'd like to get Paul to present on this to the meetup

    1. Osaka and neighboring Kyoto, Hyogo, and Nara prefectures, which are all within one hour by train of the central city of Osaka, logged over 760 new infections in total on Monday

      this is shockingly high. why was there so much more attention on the Tokyo infections with little mention of this?

    2. As for businesses, the prefectural governments would also be able to request that they “thoroughly implement infection control measures.”

      what does this mean?

    3. prefectural governors in the designated areas would be authorized to “request” residents stay at home except for essential tasks, such as grocery shopping

      "request" has a special meaning here

    4. Mondays have typically seen a decrease in the number of cases, a trend that was believed to be the result of a smaller number of tests being conducted over the weekend.


    5. Tokyo, the center of the coronavirus outbreak in Japan, reported 83 new cases Monday. The increase was lower than the previous two days — 117 on Saturday and 143 on Sunday. Sunday was the highest single-day total yet.

      are even these numbers correct?

    1. WebAssembly gives you lightweight sandboxing by default

      so, the other blog post which led me here talks about containers as an OS level sandbox... so what's the proper definition of "sandboxing"?

    1. The Go version was over 1700 lines long and was loaded with boilerplate and auto-generated code. The Rust version was only 127 lines long

      first impulse is to say that the author did not write idiomatic Go code, but I want to know why that impulse is wrong

    1. Taints and tolerations are a flexible way to steer pods away from nodes or evict pods that shouldn’t be running

      eg. dedicated nodes or specialized hardware

    1. it is only a binary format

      I don't understand the distinction between "only binary format" and "OS-level sandbox"

    1. The sense of violation is in fact intimately connected to what they do or say to you — even if they're not directly commenting on what they've seen. It affects your expectations of them and what kinds of things they could conceivably do or say to you.

      I don't completely understand the point here, but it strikes me as something deep

    2. Suppressing criticism of whether to learn something is siding with 'learn this thing' dogmatically, instead of rationally resolving the conflict.

      What's it mean to "rationally resolve a conflict" here? Who's conflicted, and over what?

    3. anticipating

      interesting. what's meant by "anticipating" here? Is Lulie saying, when I come up with an idea, am I also anticipating how the idea may be critiqued?

  2. Feb 2016
    1. One problem that should NOT be solved by unioning file systems (and file systems in general) is source control. Modern source control systems are quite good compared to the crud we had to live with back in the 1990's. Source control software back then was so buggy and slow that it actually seemed like a good idea to implement parts of it in the kernel; indeed, some commercially successful source control systems still in use today require explicit file system support. Nowadays, many fast, reliable source control systems are available and it is generally agreed that complex and policy-heavy software should be implemented outside of the kernel.

      like Docker?

  3. Dec 2015
    1. None of that is fair

      I'm not sure that the difference in lifestyle is "unfair", but it is definitely frustrating to have such less opportunity and leisure