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  1. Apr 2015
    1. government officials are not seriously proposing any fundamental change to the water rules

      This is a very serious concern that government officials in California should be trying to find a solution to. Without making any changes, they are telling the public that they don't care if California is not able to supply fruits and vegetables to other cities. This is a serious concern that everyone in California should be raising awareness about. Although the officials aren't making changes, the general public should be trying to save water because it will allow more crops and jobs to be available to everyone.

    2. We're thankful to be able to continue some employment for our [workers]," Michael says.

      This is a very significant quote because this drought will cause many people to be unemployed. Jobs on the farms are a very big part of California's economy. With the drought, many people will be unemployed and will struggle to live with the high prices in California. Farmers should quickly come up with a solution because it will be very difficult for a family to prosper in California without a job.