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  1. May 2015
    1. California's Extreme Drought, Explained | The New York Times

      In the beginning of the video, when it shows the San Louis Reservoir, it is 1/2 full of what it normally should look like. After looking at the water lines from before and during the drought, it helps me see how desperately we need this drought to end if we a) want to get the food that is grown there and b) if we want California and its waters to come back to their full potential.

  2. Apr 2015
    1. This drought is extreme, look at how much water is left! The water mark is huge. How could it lead to this. It's horrible. I hope it gets better, for California.

    2. They just started the water reduction on the state's local water supply! This drought has been around for 4 years and they just started trying to do something about it? What if their plan for water reduction doesn't work? We just have to hope for the best in California, or else we are all in trouble.