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  1. May 2015
    1. A recent editorial in the Washington Post criticized drills for their disruption to the school day

      I would completely disagree with that statement because if there were no drills, how would the children be properly prepared for these events? If what they are trying to say is that they should have drills at the end of the day, that would still be unwise. The point is that anything can happen at any time, randomly. If it was to happen at the end of the day, then it would be predictable, and some might not take it seriously. However, since the drills would normally be random, it would take it by surprise, and would have to react properly, and urgently. You have to do as you're told, while in shock, which is the whole point of it disrupting the day.

    2. Some schools have used the design

      The fact that some schools use the actual school itself to protect people is wise. I remember last year, theoretically, if someone was to break into the school, it would be too easy for the person to get into the rooms. There were big windows in the door, and there were two doors. That isn't very intelligent. There should be hide outs in a place, but hopefully, the chances of using them would be safe. It is also good for the school to have about 3 stair cases in case of a fire, or maybe more than a few exits.

  2. Apr 2015
    1. The state is experiencing the worst drought in its history

      Why is California the state where the country gets 90% particular fruits from? What is so different about the California fruits and those grown in other states, or places? Now, the people in California must always be aware if they are wasting water, and make sure to limit their use. They should only use it when needed, like when showering, drinking, brushing teeth, and more. They should also limit the use in theme parks, like Disney land, because water rides waste a lot of water.