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  1. Apr 2015
    1. California's Extreme Drought, Explained | The New York Times

      People in California will not be able to continue to do the everyday things they used to do. For example, Californians wouldn't be able to use the bathroom as much as they could. They wouldn't be able to brush their teeth due to the water shortage. The Californians, mostly the farmers, need to save as much water as they could in order to continue their life of farming. Farmers need as much water as they need, so people should give water to the farmers. The people in California also rely on farmers for food, so they should save water and give it to the farmers.

    2. California's Extreme Drought, Explained | The New York Times

      Because most fruits and vegetables are from California, and the drought is going to make prices higher, it's going to be tough for people not only in California, but people throughout the nation. Americans rely on California for majority of their food. However, if the prices sky rocket, then people might not be able to afford it. Those who can't afford it would have to starve. Many people would refuse to buy these expensive fruits and vegetables, so farmers in California that are farming wouldn't be able to have enough money to keep on farming. The drought in California is going to affect not only farmers in California, but consumers all around the nation.