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  1. Apr 2015
    1. California is home to over 250 different crops, including water-intensive crops like alfalfa, almonds, rice and cotton. In an average year, 9.6 million acres of cropland is irrigated with 34 million acre-feet of water.

      What is so good about California that most of the food we eat come from that state? Other states that aren't in a drought should help and raise their own crops or allow other states to raise crops instead of California doing everything. California should also try to cut down on the crops they produce for others. Others should be knowing about the extreme drought and helping them; not just sitting back and taking California's crops for money. Soon, i don't think money will even be a problem because droughts are controlled by nature not by money. This is unfair!

    2. The 2015 water year was by far the driest in California’s written record.

      It's scary to hear what is going to happen in the future. Is it going to get better or worse? If the drought gets worse as the years go by, what will California become? We will be unable to eat most of the fruits and vegetables we eat today...If Governor Jerry Brown mandated a 25% reduction in urban water use, wouldn't other families and friends other than farmers be in danger? Their lives wouldn't be the same as before. However, I disagree with the fact that people outside of California are lacking attention to their problems of drought. The attention THEY THINK they aren't receiving is actually THERE...