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  1. Apr 2015
    1. Juvenile salmon are suffering because of this drought! This is a monstrosity! The aquatic ecosystem surrounding California might as well die if this drought keeps up for another year perhaps or maybe less.

      Even if you states out there hate Californian's, do it for the animals. They are important and if they die out we might as well run out of food to eat. The aquatic ecosystem is important to everyone! Chip in and do something about it. States that are easily flooded, give some of your water to California. You don't need that much to keep you alive, California is suffering!

    2. fountain outside City Hall is shut down due to the drought, Los Angeles, California,

      The drought is causing a lot of water shortage. Even this fountain outside City Hall wont burst open with water. Can't people drink the water that comes outside this fountain. And where does the water go after the fountain is turned on? Can't it just be recycled and used again for the fountain. This a memorial for Frank Putnam Flint, what kind of joke is this!