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  1. Apr 2015
    1. A fountain outside City Hall is shut down

      City halls are one of our most prized locations, that we treat almost like a palace. They have these magnificent fountains turned on in front of it, sculptures that shoot out the water, and on a lucky day, occasionally a rainbow might show. Not so much here. Fountains are shut down, even in government buildings just to conserve water. This just goes to show how bad the drought is. After all, California has the most amount of people, and therefore the most amount of people governing it. They have to look up to the part, but the drought is affecting them so much that they are sacrificing their appearance just for the cause of saving on the drought.

    2. Houseboats sit on Lake Kaweah, well below the visible high-water mark in Lemon Cove, California January 17, 2015. Photo by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

      I'm not the expert of water level, but it seems as though the water height was at first all the way up to nearly the height of the mountain (I'm assuming this due to how it looks like there is sea life on the mountain). If that's the case, then my reaction would be to ask: is this real life? The entire situation here seems to be something that'll only happen in a book, but never in real life. I'm amazed that we are even getting food at all, because, assuming that my previous hypothesis was right, they practically lost (I'm estimating) water for about a mile deep! I've read stories about droughts, but they talked about the water going down a couple of feet, but in this case, it's already seemingly a mile! How will this end up becoming?