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  1. Apr 2015
    1. 1. Encourage students to take ownership of their education:

      This thing is extremely necessary because if students don't care abut their education they're not going to work hard in order to achieve a high-school diploma. Hard work is the key to success, and is the key to graduating high school and going on the right track to the future.

    2. I would totally agree with all of these tips to make the students, teachers, and parents more involved in the process. If people are more involved, everyone could collaborate and solve the student's problem holistically. Sometimes, there's a problem on one end, but mostly it's on multiple fronts. Also the fact that the teachers could be more experienced and could incorporate more ways of learning by going to professional development would eventually trickle down to the student, and make a student more activated in learning. Finally, the idea of project based learning is another way to get students more excited about learning and makes them explore many fields that would enable them to explore different career options that they would've never known about. I would agree with all of these ideas, for they all make practical sense in the real world and would definitely make students more interested and involved in the process of learning.