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  1. Apr 2015
    1. That’s an increase of one percentage point since 2012 and two percentage points since 2011, making it the highest rate since states began calculating them in a uniform way in 2010.

      I think the fact that the percentage points of students graduating is great because it means students are being more successful. However, if I was in control of this data I would be trying to analyze and look for information that shows things that might help the graduation of high school students so it can be positively used for other people so that they can graduate as well.

    1. A bachelor’s degree is not a piece of paper that says “You’re a success!” just as the lack of one doesn’t say “You’re a failure!”

      I highly agree with this sentence. People should realize the importance of their Bachelor's Degree, if they don't, they won't work as hard as they should. However, when it mentions "...just as the lack of one doesn't say you're a failure!" I can't argue that you aren't a failure, but not getting a degree isn't simple as that. It kinda brings you down sometimes and can discourage you. Some need to realize that because they didn't get what they didn't work hard enough for, they need to work harder in the future. I believe that fact should have been mentioned in addition to this section.

    1. But many students face a number of difficulties in the path to graduation, and certain factors put some students at greater risk for dropping out.

      If this is a significant problem in the decrease in diplomas obtained, then maybe identifying and looking into why they are dropping? If the cause of this was found then maybe that can be used to improve!

    2. What is the Value of a High School Diploma?

      I think the value of a high school diploma is significant anywhere and any day. It's not like we don't care about our diplomas or don't desire to have one. If the value of having a diploma was not significant, no one would be working really hard.