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  1. May 2015
    1. it means for you

      Perhaps many people living outside California overlook this issue because they may think that this particular drought won't affect them because they don't live in California, but the reality of the situation is that it will. A good majority of Americans depend on the Californian agricultural industry for high quality food, however without water, that industry can not produce too many products to sell. This means that produce prices will drastically increase, and the quality of your food may or may not decrease as well.

    2. The state is experiencing the worst drought in its history. Find out just how bad the situation is

      All across California, there is extreme drought, while most other parts of the United States are drought free. Not only is it bad as is because it is affecting the world economy, it also is detrimental to the future of agriculture and perhaps even living in California! If you can't control the usage of water, yet you are still using it on the other end, something should be done immediately. As stated in the video, the Californian agricultural business is very vital as people around the nation depend on Californian produce. However, if these vegetables and fruits cannot be grown to the demand because of a shortage of water, this raises a major concern. Somehow, the other forty-nine states can and should help out the water crisis in some way. Perhaps there can be a large scale way to transfer salty sea water into fresh water?