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  1. Apr 2015
    1. In general, poor children have been less likely to graduate than more-affluent peers, while black and Latino students have been less likely to graduate than white students.

      There should be something done about this, everyone deserves a good education and graduate with an high school diploma. But if the DOE didn't release graduation rates in different breakdowns how do they know this though? Never mind the DOE should work on helping the less fortunate students graduate too. They can hold more after school programs and weekend programs as well. I do hope that in the very far or near future everyone in the nation would graduate, is this impossible? I hope it isn't!

    2. Nation’s high school graduation rate ticks up for second year in a row

      This amazing at this rate everyone may graduate in the future. It would also affect the nation's future greatly, the increase economic rate, decrease unemployment population and so forth. Lives would be greatly improved.

    1. That number held steady for the graduating class of 2013, which saw an 81 percent graduation rate, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

      That number of graduating high school is pretty awesome, but don't you think that is a bit low? Also it only increased 1 PERCENT??!! I guess it is still an a achievement.

    2. What is the Value of a High School Diploma?

      This article has a pretty straight forward answer, priceless. But then again today there are more jobs that don't require a High school Diploma, does that mean students will drop out of high school more?