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  1. Apr 2015
    1. He expects to receive about 40 percent of the amount of water that he'd receive from the state's aqueducts in a normal year, which sounds harsh, until you realize that some other farmers will get nothing at all. "Yeah, we're thankful for being able to have whatever water that we can. We're thankful to be able to continue some employment for our [workers]," Michael says.

      The California drought is limiting the water availible to farmers and many farmers will stop growing certain crops this year. This particular farmer is recieving less than half of the water he will normally get for tending his crops. He is considered a lucky farmer, displaying how bad the situation really is. Many farmers will have no water and won't be able to grow their crops. The drought in California will cause people everywhere to lack the fruits and vegetables they need and possibly increase their health problems.

    2. There's a lot at stake, including your very own nuts, fruits and vegetables, because most of the water that's up for grabs in California goes to farmers.

      The drought in California has a big impact on the agriculture of the place and it is where most fruits and vegetables come from. It will have a great effect on the amount of fruits and vegtables are avalible and therefore the price of fruits and vegetables will increases everywhere. The drought ion California will have an effect on everyone. If prices of these healthy fruits and vegetables goes up, people will not buy them as often, causing health to also become an issue involved in this. This drought is a very big deal and needs to be taken seriously.