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  1. Mar 2023
    1. Let’s go back to Loyola. In addition to the math classes I took for my major, the psychology courses for my minor, and my elective courses, I needed to complete a number of general education courses in the natural sciences, social sciences, philosophy, literature, arts, and theology. Looking back, I have great appreciation for my advisor who really encouraged me to use those classes as an opportunity to explore something new — to find new ways of thinking.

      Advisors are great in helping us pick the right general education course that will help us a lot according to our likes and preferences.

    1. Humanities-oriented entrepreneurs — such as real estate developer Bennett Dorrance (UA BA, French) — are more agile in local and international negotiations than competitors who lack such nuanced intercultural comfort

      I never thought that the Humanities are a deep field that impacts others' areas. But, then, I agree when the author says that the study of the humanities is the heart of all majors and all careers because, without that, you will not make decisions rationally and realistically, so this field is significant for all of us. Taking classes in this area as general education will significantly help us in the future.

    1. This interplay between knowledge acquisition and perspective is arguably one of the most wonderful parts of being alive. Learning new things, meeting new people, and taking on new perspectives are how we discover the limits of our perceptions and push beyond them. Just as importantly, knowledge acquisition helps us think about how we think, how we see, how we listen, read, and interact with the world and people around us.

      I remember learning about reading with a purpose, and it was beneficial for me to understand that we focus on what we want to learn or understand. So, when someone comes up with a different idea about something, you start making a connection with his vision and understand better the subject or thing. So, it is just an example that perspectives can change during your lifetime because when you are learning something, you focus on that subject and what it can improve your knowledge about something.

    1. I was right: I have never used C++ in the 25 years that have elapsed since that course. But I am so glad I took computer programming because, as it turns out, it doesn’t matter that I’ve never used C++. What I gained in the course that remains relevant, applicable, and transferrable was not a computer programming language, but that I was able to develop an understanding of how a computer programmer thinks, approaches problems, and develops solutions. I learned to take the perspective of a computer programmer.

      You realize that you earned one more ability that you can use when you have an opportunity, and it is excellent even if you do not use it frequently, but you know that you have general education in this field.

    1. When artists communicate legal information, their perspectives can help make that critical information accessible, comprehensible, and approachable.

      I did not know that artists have other ways to show their disagreement with something with their art, and I found this one interesting.

    1. Art activates all the senses. From poetry and literature to music and theatre, art can move people on both an intellectual and emotional level. It creates shifts in perception, attitudes, and thoughts by allowing us to make connections.

      I agree with that, and I think art really activates all the senses. For example, when you look at a piece of art no matter what your brain starts to try to understand the information by making connections with what you learned and the visual sense of the information that you are receiving.

    1. Eventually, for me, reflection became a habit. I started to reflect on my classes, quotes I read, experiences I had and what I wanted to accomplish. As seen in my “25 Things to Do Before I’m 25” list that I created my sophomore year of college, many of the ideas are not related to coursework but informed the classes I took.

      Reflection became a habit for me as well. When writing a consideration, I explain what I am feeling at that moment and what comes to mind because when you share something with someone, you feel more understood, and the person you share the reflection with can help you with something.

  2. Feb 2023
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    1. Neither of my parents were hikers or campers, nobody in my family was a scientist, and we never discussed the natural world. One of my closest friends had a photographer for a father and they had photos of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite in their home, places they had been.

      Discussing the natural world with someone, you both have to be interested in this type of content and why it is difficult to stop for a while, think about it, and ask related questions.

    1. There’s a great word that captures the art and science of asking good questions: curiosity. Sometimes you’ll hear someone say “I’m just curious” before they launch into a question, as if curiosity is trivial or inconsequential.

      I think that when you say it's just a curiosity of the person you're going to ask, it makes them pay more attention to what you're asking.

    1. I started working with a strength trainer and then — because I wanted to learn how to be a better and healthier runner — studied to become a certified personal trainer and running coach.

      When you try to improve something, finding someone with the knowledge to help you is satisfying, and you give your all to learn in the best possible way. From experience, I remember when I was 14 years old, I asked my parents to hire someone so that my chess game could improve quickly, and that resulted after six months, I played better and understood the game better.

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    1. I believe that for students to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills, they need to examine issues from multiple perspectives. Correspondingly, if students want to take a specific stance on a certain issue, they need to be able to build their arguments in a critical manner

      It is a good practice if you want to develop your critical thinking. You must participate in debates about things that you know of. Also, metacognition is essential to develop critical thinking and organizing what you have to do well.

    1. the importance of meeting with your academic advisor. Not only will this keep you on track academically, but if anything arises

      Talking with the academic advisor is excellent and can help clarify all your doubts about college, what you will expect in college, and concerns about your major. If you need to decide what path to follow, you can also talk to them to find the right major for you regarding what do like.

    1. What excites me about our Gen Ed program is that it is designed for you to learn and practice skills such as communicating effectively, thinking critically about complex problems, and fostering teamwork.

      When I came to the U.S. and started my undergraduate at UA, I asked myself why is necessary to take too many classes regarding Gen Education. Still, I realized that learning skills and preparing for my future are required because we can pick courses we want to learn more about. So The Gen Ed program is beneficial for students.

    1. Despite the challenges, I became the first in my family to graduate from college.

      Being the first generation to graduate from college takes work. You have a lot of pressure on you because this is the first time anyone in your family has had this experience. My father told me that "going to college is easier when you have a family member that already graduated from college because you have someone to ask if you have a problem or struggle. I am saying that because I was the first generation in my family to get a degree, and it was not easy," he said.

    1. While I loved learning (I still do) and took my coursework seriously, I didn’t see the connections between what I was learning and what I wanted to do for a career, which at the time was to become a family therapist.

      It is pretty common sense, and everyone identifies with that because when you grow up, you have a lot of ideas about what career you will choose, and decide that you have to understand really well what you want for your future; moreover, it can be tricky if you do not have someone there to help you out.

  5. Jan 2023
    1. The Think Tank and Cultural Learning Communities have had a huge impact throughout my college career.

      The Think Tank and cultural learning community are essential if you have any weaknesses regarding any classes. For example, last semester helped me enhance my grades in Chemistry and Math because I struggled in these two classes.

    1. Now I’m at UA. I’m part of a group teaching Gen Ed in a new and exciting way.

      I am a member of the Wildcat Chess Club, and it is a very nice club if you want to play chess or learn even if you do not have enough knowledge about chess we would like to have you with us.

    1. In the same way, reflection allows you to think about and become aware of your own thinking, also known as “metacognition.” As you reflect on your learning, you are essentially giving yourself an exam of your own making:

      I am taking a Psychology class this semester and I am learning more about metacognition, and I know that Metacognition is the ability to evaluate a cognitive task to determine how best to accomplish it. I know that it is very important if we want to have success in our lives.

    1. Before you start to look at what comes next in your lifelong learning journey, we are going to take a little bit of time to look back and think about where you came from — the experiences that have shaped you.

      I think this is a step important if you want to move forward to something new.

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    1. The goal of this book — and this course — is to provide answers to a bundle of questions. Why do I have to take General Education (Gen Ed) courses? What purpose does Gen Ed serve? What value does it bring to my education?

      I do not enough knowledge about the class, but so far I think the goal for this class is to prepare for a long journey that we will have as wildcats for sure, and making a better decision that will impact our life in future.

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    1. Your university journey will be what you make of it. I am confident in your abilities and you are the owner of your experience. You were admitted to this university because we know you can thrive here.

      I hope so, and I will do my best to have success as a student.

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    1. I have fallen short in many ways as I’ve worked towards the goals I have made in my life.

      It happened to me too, but as a young person, I understand that as a learning because my journey is still far from over.