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  1. Feb 2022
    1. Her main example of this change in human character was the “character of one’s cook.” Whereas the “Victorian cook lived like a leviathan in the lower depths,” modern cooks were forever coming out of the kitchen to borrow the Daily Herald and ask “advice about a hat.”

      These examples seem to show novels after 1910 continuing the Victorian trend of limiting the fictional depiction of servants to their ability to serve, but they also show a calcified and static understanding of “servant” as a type, revealing an image that seems to have become a kind of proxy or a simulacrum that could overshadow the real.

      fiction made room for more human depictions of those who were often previously overlooked.

  2. Nov 2021
    1. 奥迪广告与《芳华》宣传对女性身体“原真性”的追求,涉及多个层面的复杂问题。首先,整容是女性处置自己身体的自由,是每个女性都应该捍卫的身体自主权;其次,整容的问题在于迎合大众审美,而这种大众文化塑造的女性完美身体本身,也是男权社会压迫女性的一种表现;最后,对“天然”的女性身体的推崇,其实是对“天然美”的女性身体的推崇,如果这里也存在一个“鄙视链”的话,人工美和天然丑的排位显而易见。因此,这样一支看似“坏得赤裸”的广告背后其实隐藏着重重陷阱,每一个都值得我们格外警惕。