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  1. Oct 2018
    1. associations and stereotypes associated with those particular groups

      This is something that runs throughout our bias... certain groups are more at risk for being ostracized or "picked at" in the public eye. Our there certain groups vulnerable or susceptible to categorization? or Generalization?

    2. I'm clearly the fairest person in Britain. And that test did not validate it, so the test has to be wrong.

      We have our own perceptions and ideas of who we are... "this not me fallacy" is one that as individuals we constantly do. This fallacy fills our ego, enhances our description of ourself, and ultimately may lead us to believe that we are superior, or hold "super powers" over someone else.

    3. They are all the same.

      This remark about "The French" is funny to analyze... I have fallen victim to this homogenous way of thinking. This is something very easily done. When we use micro aggressions, we often de-value or minimize individuals implicitly. This is sad, but can often be harmful, even if it is indirect.

    4. by our own expectations, we can impact other people's behavior

      This is such a powerful and remarkable statement. As much as we believe in the humanistic aspect and that "we have control over our own thoughts and destinies," perhaps this is not the case. Maybe, as humans we learn to control others and by controlling others this helps regulate our own beliefs and values. ---WOW! Reverse psychology much?!?

    5. One, we're very quick decision makers

      I definitely agree with this aspect. As individual's perhaps we are quick at decision making because this helps us label and categorize people. Is this what we have become as a society? This is sad, but yet helps us organize our world and understand the things around us.

    6. The top one looks longer.

      I think when he says "the top looks longer" its foreshadowing our own perceptions on ideas, people, etc. We have perceptions and biases no matter what. It is our culture, its how we use our own judgements and how we ultimately survive and thrive in society.


      I believe this humour may be somewhat of an engaging aspect of this piece. Although he makes fun of his own self, he is also shifting that towards the audience (as uncomfortable as it is). However, this is something that may be used as a piece to attract people and get their full attention.