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    1. chromosome 2 (RES2)

      The figure labels this as chromosome 3, not 2 (which is shown 3 chromosomes to the right in the figure). The other labels in the figure correspond to this text.

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    1. about 21 million years ago

      This should read "about 21 million years earlier" since the previous estimate was 166 mya.

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    1. or thousands

      Not "thousands" for a standard punch card, which can store at most 960 bits.

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    1. They “should have” received half of my DNA, but instead, half of the time, they received none.

      Wrong (or at best, highly misleading). She seems to have forgotten that she has two chromosomes of each kind, and at any position her child will receive DNA from only one (thus giving them half of her DNA). She seems to have become confused (thereby confusing her readers) because she is in the middle of considering segments of other people who match her (implicitly on just one of her two chromosomes on offer to her children; this very much needs to be made explicit).

    2. Of the 329 times that my children received none of my DNA

      Same confusion. It continues throughout.

  12. Dec 2015
    1. that used questionnaires

      Surveys give data on how people respond when asked about things, not how they actually behave in daily life.

    2. 31 per cent

      Misleading to speak of the maximum percentage of X inheritance plus expected percentage of autosome inheritance; only the expected total, 27 percent, should have been mentioned.

    1. hubbys and kids and other family are essential for most of us, but so aren’t the gals in our lives.

      This example seems odd in that what would seem to be the normal interpretation probably isn't what was intended. I'm assuming the normal interpretation would be approximately "Hubbys, kids, and gal pals are all essential, but really they're not."

    1. as was more particularly then described.

      i.e. which he then described in more detail

    2. Nevertheless, this Evidence was not produced against the Prisoner at the Bar

      Having her children testify in court might well have led to a scene the prosecutors would not want to be public, such as the children recanting their confessions when in the presence of their mother.

    3. several of her own Children had frankly and fully confessed, not only that they were Witches themselves, but that this their Mother had made them so

      Four of her children were also accused of witchcraft. The family's assistant minister was responsible for interrogating them. A daughter, 6, and son, 10, first confessed. Sons 15 and 18 refused to confess until after torture including tying them heels to neck. The children managed to survive the witchcraft delusion period.

    4. pleading Not Guilty

      Those pleading not guilty were mostly convicted and hanged. Those admitting guilt and testifying had their lives spared. Giles Corey did not want to plead guilty, and knew that if he plead not guilty he would likely lose his life and his property, instead refused to plead either. To force a plea, the authorities tried to press a plea out of him, piling stones upon him until he was crushed to death. By so doing, Corey's property was not subject to confiscation and his family inherited it.

    1. Conclusions

      Why can I only see my own annotation? This (public) note is visible both on the direct page and on page under the "via.hypothes.is" link found on the intro page. When direct, the anno-count is 1, when via "via" it is 14, so presumably there are 13 anno's counted but not visible to me.

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    1. The list of resources would be more useful if a few words of description were given for the significant ones. If the site can't do it, maybe some Hypothes.is annotators can add a few guide words, or give their opinions of the most useful of these resources.

    2. Shouldn't Hypothes.is be listed in this list of project links (as well as being credited at the top)?