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  1. May 2023
    1. when the animal is prevented from making insulin the ability to develop atherosclerosis appears to cease, or is significantly lessened 14. On the flip side, once exogenous insulin is introduced into the pseudo-diabetic animals, they appear to develop atherosclerosis “normally” 15, and in the case of the dog study, it appears to only develop atherosclerosis in the arteries in which they were injected with insulin.16

      Example of direct link between insulin and atherosclerosis

    1. So there are, I believe, nine Bradford Hill criteria, which are the criteria that we use to scrutinize observational data. So when you have epidemiologic data, how can you scrutinize them to understand and change your confidence in the likelihood that these data are causal
    2. I think Layne Norton also has a course that he just launched, and I think it’s actually called REPS, but I can’t remember what REPS stands for. But it’s basically a scientific literacy course in how to read studies about nutrition.

      REPS (Research Explained in Practical Summaries) Learn about the latest trends in diet, nutrition, and training with easy to understand science-backed reports, insights, and articles

      $12.99 per month

  2. Apr 2023
    1. My mission is to enable more satisfaction for more people.

      Bentley claims to have a mission to increase human satisfation

  3. Aug 2022
    1. Metabolic risk factors

      Should we include these studies or just the ones in the heart section

    2. Heart disease

      Need to use all these studies

    1. dozens of earlier studies.

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    2. However, there was one exception, the same as in many earlier studies. LDL cholesterol went up a little bit on average.


    3. 22 of 26 markers of cardiovascular disease risk improved in their patients, many quite significantly.