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  1. Jan 2022
    1. Um. wow. IDK where it says that it's illegal to look at source code. Anyway, it' s more like walking up to a house that has a button on the sidewalk that allows you to see the blueprints, and for some reason you got copies of everybody's ssn mixed up in the paperwork. Anyway, there are ways to hide sensitive data and trade works... and the code designer should probably take accountability there. Jut woW

    1. So, not that I don't want to believe it's 12,000 years old but. What if it was just a museum. apparently not much of it has been excavated... there's literally an engraving of a dinosaur there.Other thoughts are on accelerated carbon decomposition... and holy $hiT Gods real.. he's moving people through time. (The picts artwork is staggeringly similar and mysterious)

    1. So, another take. The picts were as old as gobekli tepe and also were the vikings. They were told of an invasion coming from the south, and took to arms, leaving their wives and children behind. thousands of miles away. leading the gauls and likes across waters and terrain. Spread out across outposts... their wives and children were ransacked behind them, and they faced slaughter before the very men they outfitted and took up to protect.

    1. liquid nitrogen-cooled tunnelling electron microscope operating in a vacuum to work

      What if a super giant atom in another dimension stole our electrons because the earth was supercharged with electricity, and we all died being super compressed in dark matter by protons

    1. Why shouldn't the operating system be a totally different technology from data transfer and storage? From a layman. lol?

  2. Dec 2021
    1. Star Wars Gangster Rap

      Family in tragic car crash, he has an apparent brain injury, sat in the senate his entire life. ...Became senator at the height and cover up of MK Ultra.

      Sketchy, but you probably don't have any proof of fowl play.Maybe we should start requiring presidents be scanned for compromising technologies. Implants, nano bots... etc.

    1. If you made embed-able forums for web pages and sites, you could inadvertently boost signups, and boost plugin downloads. It'd be awesome to have a third party host for user profiles linkable to my site and forum. Even if you linked facebook or something, for fast signup, server data, etc...

    1. Is it really unfathomable to think, everything you say and do publicly can be commented on? Do you really think, after giving a lecture, writing a news article, or displaying some art, that you can in turn, turn around and impose some sort of gag order on people? Should people think, they should never send mail to an up and coming journalist or artist. There's trolls in the world. You should probably get over it. Everything on the internet should be subject to criticism, and everyone should be open to comments and criticism. It builds community, character, and promulgates free media and press.