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  1. Nov 2020
    1. There is no official definitive answer for whether a use can be considered fair, as every case must be judged on its own merits, but there are some types of use generally allowed under fair use, including criticism and commentary, parody, journalism, education, and research.

      Copyright law is not clear on how it uses a fair consideration. It could be difficult to indicate whether someone violates it or not. People second-guess their selves every day on whether they violate it.

    1. imagine doing it without the benefit of a true celebrity’s phalanx of staff and bodyguards or the lucre such a status normally confers. Instead, all you have is that same vulnerability before a vast crowd that feels entitled to the most intimate parts of your life. How difficult would it be to conduct that relationship on your own terms?

      Celebrities should have a relationship on their own terms. It should not come from fans or from coworkers that want to people together. Celebrities should have their intimate life in close doors.

    1. The first day of high school for a ninth grader is a bit like the Olympics opening ceremony for athletes: a prelude to the biggest race of their lives. The finish line? Senior year. The winners? The chosen handful of students accepted by the nation’s top colleges, our most prestigious universities. Or, maybe not.

      For kids starting high school it is frightening that you only have four more years and then you're on your own in the world. Your parents want the best for you but for a college only a handful of students get excepted. You might get excepted or you might not you never know. Parents put a lot of pressure on you during your high school days.

    1. I spent the next two years working retail and using my spare time to find out what my interests were. At the end of two years, the only things I knew for sure were that I didn’t want to work retail the rest of my life, and I wanted to travel.

      I can relate to this author because of I work two years in retail. And I didn't want to work retail for the rest of my life and I also wanted to travel. I didn't know what to do when I graduated from high school so my first idea was to get a job and it was for a retail.

    1. I cannot believe that some people think that the biggest threat to African-American people is other African-American people. And that they should just leave that subject alone. It should not matter what race people are we should all be peaceful and equal with each other.

    1. Maybe you agree with this article. I don’t, but maybe you do. And that’s okay. But do you want to share from this particular site to your friends and family and co-workers? Let’s take a look!

      It's very important to no that people don't always agree with you. But it is your opinion if you like something or not. If you like an article and want to share it and see if your family and your friends like it it's important to know how to share the article.

    1. America, though, has yet to fully reconcile with its racist past, despite generations of social movements rallying against the nation’s violent foundations. Earlier this year, the death of George Floyd has once again sparked public outrage toward systemic racism and provided proof for those who didn’t know the deadly price of institutions built from white supremacy.

      Racial justice needs to be made in America.

    1. He takes pride in working in the City of Pittsburg. Pedro served as a platform for parents and youth to communicate their needs, feel heard, and learn how to resolve issues. Pedro’s experience includes conflict resolution, group facilitation, and youth mentoring. Additionally, Pedro takes pride in teaching student’s self-awareness and cultural humility. Pedro has also provided professional development workshops for teachers, administration, and school personnel on topics such as social justice and structural racism. 

      He has helped our community for the better.