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  1. Oct 2020
    1. New approaches to programming were developed whose order solved earlier problems.

      Slightly disagree here, we are yet to see a huge innovative change in the way programming is done. When this happens it will truly be a jump from the simple to chaso

    2. n the 1960s computers represented enormous change as the jobs for which many of them had been trained were being automated. This threat to livelihoods was to them harmful and a state of disorder with union protests and strikes. The older unskilled workers who thought they had a secure position were faced the chaos of having to start again.

      Complacency zone between Simple and Chaotic Domain as Snowden described. Perhaps the same thing will happen to the new "old' generation with the advent of AI

    1. column names given below and four rows containing the data given below.

      probabaly use associative or multi dimensional arrays to store columns and then use those column ids within the Rows to ensure they are arranged together


    1. Knudstorp had earned a PhD inBusiness Economics at the University of Aarhus, Denmark and had started his career as a consultantat McKinsey & Company before joining the LEGO Group as Director of Strategic Development in2001.

      HIghly educated Staffing opportunities

    2. Fueling the drive to grow wasa desire to leverage the LEGO Group’s position among the world’s top-10 brands for families withchildren. Iversen said:The other companies on that list, such as Disney and Nike, were much larger than us. Weconcluded that our brand must have huge untapped potentia

      Benchmarking -> Using other companies to estimate your won position and posibilities

    3. and my colleagues told me not to worry.

      Organisational Culture -> Change resistant and insular

    4. Aiming for quality, he wrote on his wall, “Only thebest is good enough.”

      Instituting policies and procedures that facilitate strategy execution -> Top -down guidance. Promotes creatio0n of a work climate that facilitates good strategy execution

    5. In sales, senior managementconsolidated 25country-level sales companies into five regional entities.

      Business Process Reengineering

    6. The incentives ofsalespeople were tied, in part, to whether their actual sales exceeded their forecasts.

      Linking Rewards to achieving the right outcomes -> Hitting the right amount of sales volume

    7. All of these efforts to push our boundaries felt natural in our Disney-like brand stretchstrategy.

      Mobilise excellence -> Setting stretch objectives

    8. hen 2004 brought another loss and pushed the LEGO Group to the brink of bankruptcy, Kristiansen invested in the company, retired as CEO,and handed the position to Knudstorp.

      Substantive culture changing actions->Strong Sign of Commitment to changing culture -> Replaced himself for someone better