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  1. Oct 2016
    1. ButIknowtoothatwearetalkingnowinthepresenceofmuchevidencethatimprovementbyoutwardexpansionmaynolongerbeagoodidea,ifiteverwas

      Why is now the time to stop consuming? Who makes that decision, what line was crossed?

    2. Andso,inconfrontingthephenomenonof"peakoil."wearereallyconfrontingtheendofourcustomarydelusionof"more."

      Do we have a delusion that there will be enough oil and that it isn't going to ever run out?

    3. Hellhathnolimits,noriscircumscribedInoneselfplace,butwherewe[thedamned]areishell,Andwherehellismustweeverbe.

      So, by this metaphor, is the author implying that if we use our freedom to destroy nature, will there be no place to go where the environment is safe for living plants and animals?

    4. Theideaofalimitlesseconomyimpliesandrequiresadoctrineofgeneralhumanlimitlessness:allareentitledtopursuewithoutlimitwhatevertheyconceiveasdesirable-alicensethatclassifiesthemostexaltedChristiancapitalistwiththelowliestpornographer.ThisfantasyoflimitlessnessperhapsarosefromthecoincidenceoftheIn-dustrialRevolutionwiththesuddenlyexploitableresourcesoftheNewWorld

      Are we entitled to a limitless economy? Should we consume whatever we please in the world without regard to consequences of that unrestrained use of resources?

    5. butifitwillburnforahundredmoreyears,thatwillbefine

      As a society, we tend to function in a rat race mentality, that we are busy people who focus on what is important and urgent. We usually put off what is urgent but can wait to be dealt with later. Is it wrong to let the next generation solve this problem so that we can continue on, "business as usual"?

    6. alreadyabusedcropland

      Not really sure what "already abused cropland" is supposed to be referring to. The USA has plenty of land that is useful for crops, so we won't be running out of land anytime soon. Crops can be rotated to put the nutrients back in that a certain type of crop takes away. I would say that a shortage of water would be a bigger concern. As it is, we import about 19% of the food we consume for more variety of choices. With advances in farming, there is less crop loss and more yield per acre than ever before. Do you think that growing so-called bio-fuels such as wheat, corn, soybeans and sugarcane will really cause problems?

    7. globalwarming

      I think an Ice Age is coming. I believe an Ice Age is overdue. In my personal opinion, it has been getting colder each year for the last ten years, not warmer. Is global warming really happening?