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  1. Nov 2020
    1. possible
    2. Notre restaurant est situé au 9 rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris.

      This is the location of the restaurant.

    3. Quelques consignes pour le bien-être des chats :

      This section is meant to tell you traits about the cats in the cafe, each bolded line starts with "are cats are...". Examples: our cats are handsome/pretty, our cats are very special

    4. adopter
    5. Un restaurant… avec des chats dedans!

      This is a cafe where their niche/unique thing is that they have cats you can interact with while you are there!

  2. Oct 2020
    1. département
    2. L’étude montre également une répartition géographique inégale des types de familles, avec notamment une grande part de familles traditionnelles en France métropolitaine, a contrario des Dom-Tom (

      This part of the articles is showing us graphs and statistics of the different types of families in France(such as single parent, traditional two parent households etc.) and how many of each of them represent families in different parts of France.

    3. Une plus grande concentration des parents solo dans les grandes

      I think this sentence is saying something about there being a bigger concentration of single parents in big cities

    4. influencées


    5. L’Institut
  3. Sep 2020
    1. – Étudier en Angleterre – Stage en Angleterre – Travailler en Angleterre – Étudier au Japon – Travailler au Japon

      I think this website is made to interview people who travel to other countries. I think this specific section is students who study in other countries? Exchange students. I think the title means interview a stranger?

    2. Je suis dans une province francophone mais je ne parle quasiment qu’anglais,

      Even though her province is francophone she mostly speaks French and a little Spanish at university. I always wondered how different might american schools be if we had to integrate a different language in everyday school environments or gen ed classes?(Math, Science, English)

    3. étudiante en commerce

      she is studying commerce

    4. groupes
    5. d’échange
    6. Pourquoi as-tu choisi de partir étudier au Canada ?

      She was chosen for this opportunity. Some type of honor, maybe she applied to a program, scholarship maybe?