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  1. Sep 2021
    1. ut each time I am there I return instantly to those six weeks as if they were only the other day, and I slow down and point to Mrs. Croft's street, saying to my son, Here was my first home in America, where I lived with a woman who was a hundred and three. "Remember?"

      Life stories and experiences make every person unique. They are so important, that you can even pass them on.

    2. we looked at each other and smiled

      The first real and positive feelings towards the partner since the arranged marriage

    3. "It was very kind of you!"

      Sympathy points from Mrs. Croft

    4. Say 'Splendid

      The ritual of the narrator and Mrs. Croft

    5. I read every article and advertisement, so that I would grow familiar with things,

      reflects the work that emigration or a new country or an unknown culture requires

    6. . "God bless America!" one of them hollered. Across the aisle, I saw a woman praying. I spent my first night a

      new national customs, integration