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  1. Aug 2017
    1. Hoppe has stated that Murray Rothbard was his "principal teacher, mentor and master".[2] After reading Rothbard's books and being converted to a Rothbardian political position, Hoppe moved from Germany to New York City to be with Rothbard, and then followed Rothbard to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, "working and living side-by-side with him, in constant and immediate personal contact." According to Hoppe, from 1985 until Rothbard's 1995 death, Hoppe considered Rothbard his "dearest fatherly friend".[15]
    2. 1985 until Rothbard's 1995 death

      36 - 46

    3. 1981

      At 32

    4. 2006

      at 57

    5. September 1988

      At 27