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  1. Mar 2018
    1. These readings brought to my attention the importance of multimodality in communication. It showed me that anything that is trying to convey a idea can be considered text, and that all text can be considered multi-modal. Without multi-modality, ideas would be constrained to verbal communication. This could possibly result in less communication and more misunderstanding. I believe this because, multimodality in today's time seems to play a major role in the progression of ideas.

    2. Different media use different combinations of modes and arc good at doing different things.

      i agree,because each media has to take a different approach because their ideas will be different, and different ideas have different modes that are better suited for presenting them.

    3. When we interact with people in real life or watch them on-screen, we can tell a lot about how they arc feel-ing and what they arc trying to communicate.

      gestural mode plays a large role in communication such as in movies where someone expressions plays a role in authenticity to their role,or in case of the supplemental text, the man translating for the deaf. During the translation ,you could tell by hoe he signaled and looked at the person actually speaking that he was nervous and or wasn't sure of what he was translating.

    4. he designers of Twitter chose how to lay out the basic profile page (with the tweets in the right column and info about the user on the left), and users can choose design templates and profile images-all of which means that lil}'Ollt draws on spatial, visual, and linguistic modes of communication, showing that it's nearly impossible for a text not to use multiple modes at once.

      I believe this design makes twitter very multi modal because, the spatial organization that is used on twitter allows users to place their own ideas on the platform, making room for linguistic , visual, aural, gestural, and spatial ideas of their own.

    5. The spatial mode is about physical arrangement.

      I believe that spatial mode is important because it allows us to organize our ideas in a way that create a deeper meaning, or can be used on a platform to allow access to be easier. It also allows us to arrange ideas how we would like to present them.

    6. Although most of us arc used to hearing sound all around us every day, we don't often pay attention to how il signals information, including feelings, responses, or needed actions.

      In light of the supplemental text, this statement sheds light on the importance of visual mode.Visual mode allows our ideas to be presented in a way that can actually be useful for the deaf. The translator, was using visual mode even though he was incorrect at translating. But the deaf would be clueless without a visual aid.

    7. Although he likely ~ was referring to IW's commitment to helping individual citizens, his ~ choice of words-"small people" -infuriated the public because it • demeaned those impacted by the spill and implied that the disrup--I tion to their lives was not of great concern

      The way a speaker expresses their ideas is taking into consideration by listeners. Not only do they listen to the message but how it was given. This not only allows a person to determine authenticity, but it allows a person to compare their own ideas to the speakers and determine whether or not they agree. For example, when the BP president addressed those affected by the spill as "small people". This caused controversy because his statement made people feel as though he had no concern, interest, or relation to them.

    8. !'he linguistic mode and the ability to use it carefully matter very ~ much in contemporary communication.

      This statement is claiming that the use of written or spoken words and the way we use the words, play a major role in the way we communicate. This statement is basically trying to say that it is important for us to communicate our ideas in a way that can be understood, so that our true meanings cant be misconstrued

    9. Writers choose modes of communication for every text they create.

      The ability to give someone multiple modes of communicating a idea allows a person to be creative and able to express a idea how they believe it should be presented. This can also pose a problem because of miscommunication, for example in the supplemental text the news station wanted to be able to inform not only normal people but the deaf of a emergency. But the way they chose to present the information lead to frustration, and confusion because the translator that was chosen could not communicate the correct message.

    10. A text can be anything from a lolcat to a concert tee shirt to a dictionary to a performance.

      Since text doesn't necessarily have to be words. This allows a wider medium for communication to be spread on. For example, if you were to see a picture of a dog running you would automatically be able to get a idea of the pictures text without any description or use of words.

    11. Multimodal describes how we combine multiple different ways of communicating in everyday life.

      The supplemental text i chose is "Deaf community outraged after interpreter signed gibberish before Irma" by Alex Mendoza. The most prevalent idea from the main text that can be seen in both of these texts is the use of multi-modality to express a idea.The purpose of multi-modality in the supplemental text is to show the importance of the different modes, linguistic, visual, aural, gestural, and spatial and how they affect communication.

  2. Feb 2018
    1. tohowtheymightbesaidtosignify;totheirgerundialmeaning(activeverbform:tobringmeaningintobeing),

      what i gained from this, was that the meaning we retrieve from a object is not just based on interpretation, but the effort that is put in to obtaining it and the experiences held from an object.

    2. thethoughtbeingthatsomesortofsignificantsympatheticvibrationmayoccursignalingthepotentialforthatparticularindividualtouncoversomesignificantmeaninginthatparticularobject

      I believe someone can find the cultural expressiveness of a object by thinking in light of how they would use it, to uncover a deeper understanding, so that they can relate it in light of its culture.

    3. polarities,

      Characteristics that can be used to identify a connect between an object and and a characteristic.

    4. beyondtheirstateofbeing,totheseobjects'culturalsignificance;attentionnotjusttowhattheymightbesaidtosignifybut,asimportantly,tohowtheymightbesaidtosignify;

      Here haltman is claiming that objects that have a meaning behind them are culturally significant not because of what they signify, but how they embody this meaning. For an example the Olympic torch's flame represented the "endeavor for protection and struggle for victory." It was first introduced into our Modern Olympics at the 1928 Amsterdam Games. Since then, the flame has come to symbolize "the light of spirit, knowledge, and life." The carrying of the flame is also seen as the passing on the Olympic tradition.

    1. When you think of something abstract, you are more inclined to use words from the start, and unless you make a conscious effort to prevent it, the existing dialect will come rushing in and do the job for you, at the expense of blurring or even changing your meaning.

      in light of halt-man's text, and in light of the research prospectus i believe that the reader should have a clear sense of what cause that particular interpretation.

    2. A writer uses abstract words because his thoughts are cloudy; the habit of using them clouds his thoughts still further; he may end by concealing his meaning not only from his readers but also from himself.

      I've caught myself doing this before but i didn't realize what the problem was until i read this essay. The, its about a object theme of this article, helped me realize description plays a key part not only in describing a object, but creating ideas from that object.

    3. Student papers are often unreadable not only because their grammar is bad and their sentences incomplete, but also because they are way, way too abstract.

      I believe this Is a problem because students don't actually realize what they are doing until the teacher reviewstheir papers.

    4. abstract ideas derive from objects. You can approach them in that concrete way and teach students to do the same.

      In light of the halt-man text, he explained that description is the best access to experiencing a object, because description can the register the way a object may function for a particular person.

    5. What is a concrete noun?"

      Basically it is a physical object that can be touched,named, and described.

    6. They don't realize that it's because they lack certain skills that were common among college freshmen 40 years ago.

      I believe student's don't realize what they are lacking in certain skills unless they've been introduced to those skills. And the fact that certain skills are missing from 40 years ago, shows the difference of expectations from 40 years ago to now. So i believe these different expectations are causing teachers to skip the fundamentals, which has made things harder for some students.

    7. No matter how abstract your topic, how intangible, your first step is to find things you can drop on your foot.

      I believe this is a way of getting readers and writers more interested in their work. For example, if you wanted to talk about poverty, you would talk about boarded up houses, the man that was sitting on the corner, etc. The use of a object is meant to help create physical connections to that object.

    8. An alternate approach might be to start the course with physical objects, training students to write with those in mind, and to understand that every abstract idea summarizes a set of physical facts.

      This goes back to haltman's text where he tells the reader to not look for what the object signifies, but how it signifies. I believe both these authors are looking for a gerundial meaning in their work

    9. Tyre points out how small some of the important skills are, and how conscious instruction in them can make a difference.

      in light of the halt man text, i believe that some of the small of the features of a object can be important, and conscious analyzation of the features can make make a difference in the meaning that is interpreted from the object.

    10. The Secret to Good Writing: It's About Objects, Not Ideas

      This metadata is interesting because it is surely to draw a reader in because someone who read's this will wonder have they been truly writing correctly, and read it to check to see if they have been writing correct

  3. Jan 2018
    1. The lack of any obvious artistic or design elements to the grooves, the researchers write, can be taken as evidence that the object was periodically and precisely scraped to obtain red ochre. The pointy bit, they suggest, “might indicate the elongate shaped piece was used as a drawing and colouring tool, perhaps in a similar way to a contemporary pencil or crayon”.

      In light of haltman's text where he states" only pieces of a culture can take material form." this 10,000 year old crayon not only shows a piece of their culture, but it can also show a aspect of the hunter-gatherers lives. What did they use it to draw? What kind of information did they want to share with the pencil? The fact that we can relate our lives now to theirs in the form of a pencil, shows where we have evolved from as humans and our culture.

    1. possibilitiesarevirtuallylimitless-especiallyconsideringthatnotwoindividualswillreadagivenobjectinthesameway.Sohowtochoose?

      It is because of this very limitless possibility that allows for a greater understanding of a culture to be understood

    2. Havingaddressedanobjectintellectually,andexperienceditactuallyorempatheticallywithoursenses,oneturns,generallynotwithoutacertainpleasureandrelief,tomattersmoresubjective.

      Can a object be linked on a spritual and cultural level?

    3. “fusionofvisualanalysisandverbalexpression

      I beleive this text and the secondary The Secret to Good Writing: It's About Objects, Not Ideas, agree in a sense that the main text is looking for a individual to develop a deeper connection and meaning to a object for a better understanding, while the secondary text is developing a a deeper connection to ideas that are presented.

    4. nythingleftoutofdescriptionislosttointerpretationforever

      This allows a person to be able to make their own connection and interpretation of the object

    5. smooth/roughshiny/dullhot/coldsoft/hardlight/darktransparent/opaqueup/downin/outstability/instabilityforward/backwardvertical/horizontalstraight/curvedorcrookedlight/heavythin/thickclean/dirty

      Can each polarity, open a multitude of insights?