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  1. Aug 2020
    1. we’ve developed elements of online collaborative inquiry, and online content construction to help expand the work students are involved in as they use online information sources to research and develop media skills.

      This is a important part of this article because it states the results of previous work, and what it has led to.

    1. There is no dispute, however, that education provides access to material resources in the form of better paid employment; that it affords an enhanced capacity to participate in civic life; that it promises personal growth.

      This quote shows that it is important that despite these different ways of learning, it is always important to focus on your education to be able to attain a job that will be able to support.

  2. Jul 2020
    1. Internet Reciprocal Teaching Promotes the Five CsCreativity: Students use divergent-thinking skills to generate their own questions and keywords for online searches. Their final projects require them to creatively express their own point of view. Communication: Students share what they learn as they work in small groups and with the whole class. They communicate with a wider audience by posting on a class blog. Collaboration: Students create collaborative knowledge through Internet inquiry and social interactions. They comment on one another's work using technologies such as VoiceThread and support one another through instant messaging. Critical Thinking: When using the Internet, students build the text they read, choosing which links to follow and which to ignore. The nonlinear nature of online reading helps support critical thinking. Students also learn to question the perspective and bias of online sources. Comprehension: Students learn important online reading skills, such as how to distinguish news articles from blog posts and editorials. They carefully read texts they encounter online to understand and evaluate different perspectives.

      These 5 C's are common in an in-person classroom, but are also important to an online learning environment as well

    2. Reciprocal teaching revolves around four global comprehension strategies: predicting, questioning, clarifying, and summarizing. The teacher explains these strategies to small groups using a shared text, first modeling their use, and then asking students to lead the groups.

      This method of teaching would be very helpful for transitioning to online learning.

    1. Open learning is becoming a critical focus for K-12 technology-supported programs, both those strictly online as well as blended classroom practices extending into online environments.

      This quote is very important as with the increase of transition to online, teachers and students should be more accustomed to online learning

    1. Also complicating teaching with technology is an understanding that technologies are neither neutral nor unbiased. Rather, particular technologies have their own propensities, potentials, affordances, and constraints that make them more suitable for certain tasks than others

      This quote that all pieces of technology are important based on their differing uses. Some could be used to record something, and others can be used to create a paper or presentation.

    1. Apple’s consistent use of the SAMR model as a framework for technology implementation because the clear and consistent message serves as a reminder to teachers about the expectation for each of us to achieve what we cannot achieve without new technology.

      This quote rings true as in most high schools, Apple seems to be the preferred product due to their accessibility and their use of the SAMR model as it includes Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition.

    1. Connected learning does not rely on a single technology or technique. Rather, it is fostered over time through a combination of supports for developing interests, relationships, skills, and a sense of purpose.

      With this we can see that the importance of Connected Learning in that it uses many different skills to combine interests, relationships, and opportunities.

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    1. For example, teaching digital skills would include showing students how to download images from the Internet and insert them into PowerPoint slides or webpages.

      While this may seem very basic to most of us, it is important to teach these basic skills to your peers and learning students as once the basics are learned, they will be able to start tackling harder tech skills.

    1. Participating on the open web includes connecting with the communities that share, build, and sustain meaningful content online. A healthy online community requires knowledge of how to create, publish and link content, and an understanding of security in order to keep content, identity, and systems safe.

      This should be seen as important because if you do not actively participate, you will not get anything out of whatever is being shared or taught to the community. This could include examples such as learning how to use a program or how to do an assignment.