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  1. Oct 2021
  2. Sep 2021
    1. About the cognitive biases tricking your brain was a very good article. I do most people do focus their mind on money such as how to pay bills on time living from pay check to pay check. Its interesting when you have amount of money to save but with the extra interest you dont want to save the extra 20.00 because it wasnt in your budget. I think it is hard to save for retirement when we have all these other bills that we have to worry about.

    2. Covid-19 will forever change our lives . This paper argues that there are five main challenges for democracies after coronavirus: protecting the safety and integrity of elections, finding the right place for expertise, coping with resurgent populism and nationalism, countering homegrown and foreign disinformation, and defending the democratic model. The COVID-19 pandemic has called into question many aspects of electoral and political life beyond the act of voting. Faced with the difficult task of making life-and?death health decisions in an era of high uncertainty given the novelty of the virus, most governments set up teams of health advisors whose counsel partly shielded them from criticism.