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  1. Oct 2016
    1. direct and indirect attention and restoration

      What I am curious about is how indirect attention and restoration can be used to create new college campuses? What does that entail?

  2. Sep 2016
    1. Without the abolition of capitalism or any oppressive order, the working-class continues to struggle within the boundaries imposed on them by the system in place.

      However, some forms of capitalism do provide means of escaping the system that has them in the lower class so they can rise to the top. It just takes a lot of hard work and going after every opportunity theoretically

    2. Defining oneself through such terms is flawed because such stability does not exist for either the homeless or the housed. The two are not a binary; rather, both encounter varying degrees of stability

      What I think the author is trying to say is that while a housed person does have a more stable shelter than a homeless person, It does not correlate with having a stable life. There are so many other factors in everyone's lives that affect different aspects so while one area may be better it does not mean that they all are. It is just more apparent for homeless people that they are in a very unstable condition. This would connect to the idea in Schindler's essay about how people perceive those who are poor as lesser or unstable so we try to separate them when in reality we are all dealing with the issues.

    3. Marxist

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Marx This is the guy who basically defined what it means to be a communist with his manifesto.

    1. In choosing a topic, how many times have we encouraged students to choose a topic in which they are invested

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    2. riting, speaking, or producing a rhetorical text.

      X,Y, and Z

    3. Without investment in care, both teaching and learning are seen as partial and, perhaps, even tragically flawed.

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    4. Transformative teaching, writes Micciche, is a matter of our "investment in producing com-passionate citizens

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    5. In Doing Emotion, Laura Micciche reads pedagogy as primarily rooted in particular kinds of feelings like hope and belief.

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    6. nvestment, care

      X,Y, and Z the rest is one the next page but it wouldnt let me annotate all of it for some reason

    7. Ideally, once you make this revelation, people will begin to feel an investment

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    8. Although the actual means of pursuing this connection is unique to each scholar, there is some tacit agreement about the importance of helping stu-dents see the relevance of public issues in their individual lives.

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    9. As Jeff Smith recommends in his attempt to combat the political passivity of "illegeracy," people "naturally take an interest in things that affect their lives, particularly if they feel it's up to them how those things will be decided.

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    10. According to Smith, our challenge is to show people how they are already affected by political events and debates.

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    1. At the request of white residents, in 1974 the city of Memphis closed off a street that connected an all-white neighborhood to a primarily black one.9

      I have several questions for this action. First, what reason was given for this blatent segregation that was taking place? I mean I get that it was the south in the 70s, but was there any actually reason. Second, what was there any response to the actions of the white community in this city in the form of protest? Lastly, why did the supreme court give no action in the face of this blatant racism?