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  1. Sep 2022
    1. I believe the way for theredemption of the Negro was being prepared throughindustrial development.

      I can infer Washington believes to a certain extent that African Americans should participate in working jobs at the industrial development level in order to gain societal approval in a sense.

    2. for never before inthe history of the world had just such a problem beenpresented as that of the two races at the coming offreedom in this country

      Whites have always been free in this country and African Americans have not, now that this freedom is present both are unsure what to do or how to handle it.

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    4. It has been necessary for the Negro to learn thedierence between being worked and working–to learnthat being worked meant degradation, while workingmeans civilization

      Being worked by owners in an oppressive system is degrading to a human while working for free-will is true social living

    5. One of the most fundamental and far-reaching deedsthat has been accomplished during the last quarter of acentury has been that by which the Negro has beenhelped to nd himself and to learn the secrets ofcivilization

      Like Friere's main idea, through finding themselves and learning through education, this oppressed group can become aware of the oppressive system and hopefully rise above.